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Finesse is one of the three ability trees in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, the other ones being Might and Sorcery.

In terms of weapons, Finesse governs the daggers, the faeblades, and the longbow. New moves for these weapons can be unlocked with the Precise Weaponry abilities, and their damage can be increased with the respective weapon masteries.

The Finesse tree contains abilities that enhance longbow attacks, stealth, bleeding damage, poison damage, and critical hits.

Finesse ability tree (Info)
Points required Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Column 6 Column 7
Tier 6
70 Finesse
Ab-act-Gambit Gambit (6/8) Ab-ParalyticPoisons Paralytic Poisons (4/5) Ab-pas-Execution Execution (5/7)
Tier 5
50 Finesse
Ab-pas-PreciseWeaponry Precise Weaponry IV (3/3) Ab-PoisonBomb Poison Bomb (4/5) Ab-Scattershot Scattershot (6/8) Ab-MysteriousToxins Mysterious Toxins (5/7)
Tier 4
35 Finesse
Ab-pas-PreciseWeaponry Precise Weaponry III (3/3) Ab-act-SmokeBomb Smoke Bomb (4/5) Ab-BarbedArrows Barbed Arrows (5/7) Ab-EnduringAgony Enduring Agony (5/7) Ab-act-BladeHoning Blade Honing (5/7)
Tier 3
20 Finesse
Ab-ArrowStorm Arrow Storm (3/4) Ab-Inoculation Inoculation (5/7) Ab-IcyExplosion Icy Explosion (5/7) Ab-act-Lunge Lunge (5/7)
Tier 2
5 Finesse
Ab-pas-PreciseWeaponry Precise Weaponry II (3/3) Ab-pas-FaebladeMastery Faeblade Mastery (6/8) Ab-Drawpower Drawpower (5/7) Ab-pas-EnvenomedEdge Envenomed Edge (6/8) Ab-act-FrostTrap Frost Trap (4/5)
Tier 1
0 Finesse
Ab-pas-PreciseWeaponry Precise Weaponry I (3/3) Ab-pas-DaggerMastery Dagger Mastery (6/8) Ab-pas-LongbowMastery Longbow Mastery (6/8) Ab-act-ShadowFlare Shadow Flare (5/7) Ab-pas-AssassinsArt Assassin's Art (6/8)


It is worth noting that almost all abilities' levels can be increased beyond their normal capacity by 1 or 2 levels through the use of equipment which bear "+1-2 to Finesse Abilities" bonuses and certain Twists of Fate cards to further enhance their states. For an easier time identifying such bonuses, check out Ability Bonuses.

Column 1[]

Ab-pas-PreciseWeaponry Precise Weaponry I[]

[Weapon Attacks] 3 Levels

Unlocks Charge special attacks for Daggers and Faeblades.

  • Daggers: Shadow Strike - Hold and release the Daggers to begin a dashing combo that can be chained up to 5 times.
  • Faeblade: Twisted Claw - Hold and release the Faeblades attack to spiral through your enemies.

Ab-pas-PreciseWeaponry Precise Weaponry II[]

[Weapon Attacks] 3 Levels

Unlocks Delayed special attacks for Daggers and Faeblades.

  • Daggers: Crossfire - A delayed attack with the Daggers that stabs and slices. Timing the second attack perfectly guarantees a critical hit.
  • Faeblade: Talon Strikes - A delayed attack with the Faeblades that launches your enemy into the air.

Ab-pas-PreciseWeaponry Precise Weaponry III[]

[Weapon Attacks] 3 Levels

Unlocks special attacks from Dodge for Daggers and Faeblades.

  • Daggers: Cross Slash - Attack with the Daggers while dodging to perform a launching attack.
  • Faeblade: Cyclone - Attack with the Faeblades while dodging to perform a spinning leap attack.

Ab-pas-PreciseWeaponry Precise Weaponry IV[]

[Weapon Attacks] 3 Levels

Unlocks special attacks from Parry for Daggers and Faeblades.

  • Daggers: Punishment - After a timed Parry, attack with the Daggers to perform a series of rapid strikes.
  • Faeblade: Savage Wing - After a timed Parry, attack with the Faeblades to perform a spinning jump attack.

Column 2[]

Ab-pas-DaggerMastery Dagger Mastery[]

[Passive] 6 Levels

Your prowess with Daggers lets you get the most out of every cut and thrust.

Adds Physical Damage to Daggers and an overall Daggers damage boost.

Ab-pas-FaebladeMastery Faeblade Mastery[]

[Passive] 6 Levels

Diligent practice has granted you mastery over the Faeblades, chief weapon of the Summer Court Fae.

Adds Physical Damage to Faeblades and an overall Faeblade damage boost.

Ab-act-SmokeBomb Smoke Bomb[]

[Active] 4 Levels

Throw down a smokescreen to stun enemies and blind them to your presence for a short duration.

Ab-PoisonBomb Poison Bomb[]

[Upgrade] 4 Levels

Further tinkering has enabled you to add a deadly Poison cloud to the effects of your Smoke Bomb.

Column 3[]

Ab-pas-LongbowMastery Longbow Mastery[]

[Passive] 6 Levels

Your skill at archery grants you a large bonus to damage while using a Longbow and increases the number of arrows that can be fired before reloading your quiver.

Adds Physical Damage to Longbows and an overall Longbow damage boost. Increases the number of arrows in your quiver.

Ab-Drawpower Drawpower[]

[Passive] 5 Levels

With your incredible drawpower, each arrow you fire can penetrate even the thickest armor or carapace. Also Increases the size of your quiver.

Ab-ArrowStorm Arrow Storm[]

[Weapon Attacks] 3 Levels

Your skill with the Longbow allows you to fire a volley of arrows into the sky, raining death down on your foes. Also Increases the size of your quiver.

Ab-BarbedArrows Barbed Arrows[]

[Passive] 5 Levels

By Affixing small barbs to your arrows, each Longbow shot has a chance to deal heavy Bleeding Damage to your foes. Also Increases the size of your quiver.

Ab-Scattershot Scattershot[]

[Weapon Attacks] 6 Levels

Your skill with Longbows enables you to fire multiple arrows simultaneously. Also Increases the size of your quiver.

Column 4[]

Ab-act-ShadowFlare Shadow Flare[]

[Active] 5 Levels

Weaving a burst of shadow magic to wound and stagger enemies in an arc before you. Quickly press the button again to throw a volley of shadowy blades, dealing Pierce and Bleeding Damage.

Ab-EnduringAgony Enduring Agony[]

[Passive] 5 Levels

Secret techniques enable you to extend the duration of all you Poison and Bleeding attacks. Also increases Shadow Flare damage.

Ab-act-Gambit Gambit[]

[Active] 6 Levels

With an acrobatic leap, you distribute explosives across the battlefield that damage and launch enemies.

Column 5[]

Ab-pas-EnvenomedEdge Envenomed Edge[]

[Active - Sustained] 6 Levels

The careful application of vile poisons to all your edged weapons and arrowheads allows you to weaken your opponents.

Ab-Inoculation Inoculation[]

[Passive] 5 Levels

Your extensive experience with Poisons grants you heightened resistance to their effects.

Ab-MysteriousToxins Mysterious Toxins[]

[Passive] 5 Levels

The skilled mixing of obscure toxins allows your Poison attacks to propagate to other enemies.

Ab-ParalyticPoisons Paralytic Poisons[]

[Passive] 4 Levels

You have discovered long hidden secrets of poisoncraft, enabling your poison attacks to temporarily stun your opponents.

Column 6[]

Ab-act-FrostTrap Frost Trap[]

[Active] 4 Levels

Plant a Frost Trap which causes Ice and Freezing damage to all nearby enemies when it explodes. A maximum of 4 traps can be placed at a time.

Ab-IcyExplosion Icy Explosion[]

[Upgrade] 5 Levels

Your roguish ingenuity allows you to build Frost Traps deal additional damage and disorient your enemies.

Ab-act-BladeHoning Blade Honing[]

[Active - Sustained] 5 Levels

The razor sharp blades of your weapons cut into your foes with ease. While this Ability is active, Critical Hit Damage for Longswords, Daggers, Faeblades, and Greatswords is substantially increased.

Column 7[]

Ab-pas-AssassinsArt Assassin's Art[]

[Passive] 6 Levels

Your deadly grace allows you to deal tremendous amounts of damage from stealth. Unlocks new sneak attacks with Daggers or Faeblades that can instantly kill an unaware enemy if you deal enough damage.

Ab-act-Lunge Lunge[]

[Active] 5 Levels

Lunge past your foes with preternatural speed to attack them from behind.

Ab-pas-Execution Execution[]

[Passive] 5 Levels

With anatomical precision, you deal out higher damage to bleeding foes.


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