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Fire damage is one the three elemental effects in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, together with Ice and Lightning. Abilities and random weapons deal fire damage. Additionally the player can use specific components and gems during blacksmithing to add fire damage and effects to weapons. It is mitigated by fire and elemental resistance.

Burning Damage[]

Burning damage is damage-over-time effect which is frequently applied when Fire Damage is dealt and has a chance to inflict a Panic status effect. During this Panic state enemies will no longer attack and will run in circles, paying you no heed, whilst they remain engulfed in flames. If the enemy is attacked whilst they are in Panic they will regain their senses and resume their assault.

Abilities and bonuses[]

Fire damage[]

Abilities that deal Fire damage
Other abilities
  • Smolder: Increases the damage caused by Burning and Mark of Flame.
  • All Sorcery and Finesse/Sorcery destinies have Elemental damage
  • Dread - Guaranteed to Critical Hit vs. enemies in Panic (Finesse/Sorcery Destinies from Arcanist to Shadowcaster)
Lorestones bonuses
  • Webwood: +6% Fire Damage.
  • The Red Marches: +20% Burning Duration.
Twists of Fate
  • Fury of Vraekor: +10% Fire Damage with Melee and 5 Burning Damage over 0 seconds with Melee

Fire and elemental resistance[]

  • All Might/Sorcery destinies have Elemental resistance
Lorestones bonuses
  • The Hollowlands: +6 Fire Resistance
  • Alabastra: +4% Damage Resistance.
Twists of Fate
  • Gaea's Reserve: +10% Damage Resistance



Weapons such as Staffs, Sceptres, and Chakrams may have native Fire Damage capability; these respectively require a Flame Rod, Flame Dowel, or Flame Disc. If one custom-creates these weapons through Blacksmithing, one can also add Fire Damage to the weapons by using the relevant Handles (for chakrams of scepters) or Shafts (for staffs).

Other weapons can also be designed to deliver Fire damage, through the use of the relevant components or through the addition of Weapon Gems.


Weapon Gems


The Fateless One can also use potions to add Fire damage to their weapons for a short period of time: