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Yes, I am the First Scaith - the one who is responsible for my family's suffering. The power I gained was not worth the years of torture my family has endured. The only way to end this curse is to allow my family to finally know peace.


The First Scaith is the ancestor responsible for the Scaith Family curse. Falling to selfish desires, the First traded his family's souls to a Fae for great power. After years of watching his family suffer the First Scaith has determined the power he received was not worth it and now wants to see his family rest in peace.


Dolve Wayle, a castle, found within Tala-Rane.



Ha! You must be a fool to follow Faitir around under false pretenses of some family curse.

upon your first encounter.

Many years ago a Fae offered me great power in exchange for my family's souls. Overcome by a craving to have this power, I gave into my selfish desires. Ever since, my family has not been able to rest in peace. Once the curse is broken I can give them the peace they seek.

when asked about the Scaith Curse.

The castle once was home to the Aster family, but after they were wiped out, the Scaith's moved in. It was a glorious hall, but fell to ruin when my family became cursed.

when asked about Dolve Wayle.

There is a curse only on Faitir's ancestors, not Faitir himself. Nor is he being hunted by us. This ritual of his is not to free us from the curse - it is to take control of his ancestors and raise them as his personal army. If you do not believe me, you can go ask Faitir yourself. But if you give him to me, I will be able to release my family from this curse.

when asked: You mean there is no curse?

If you must.

if chosen the response: Let me talk to Faitir.

Please... Help my family find the peace for which they have sought. All you have to do is turn Faitir over to me.

when you seek him out once again.

Faitir will not give in easily. I will need your assistance in slaying him.

if chosen the response: You're right. Kill Faitir.

Thank you for freeing my ancestors and myself from the curse. We will finally be at peace. In return for your wisdom, I offer you what little I can. The Scaith's amassed much wealth in life, and it is useless to us now. Our tombs carry the gifts for you.

once you've dealt with Faitir.

And now, I rest...

The First last words.