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The Wild Fae have invaded the Cradle of Summer, a place they have been forbidden to enter for many generations. I must fight the beasts and protect Terenia as she performs the ritual to restore the barrier around the Cradle of Summer.


After using all five of the Lorestones for the Cradle of Summer, a message box appears saying that something doesn't feel right. Shortly after the screen fades to black and the Fateless One wakes up in front of Terenia.

  • Note: The game seems to have issues with correctly firing the trigger, so the events may happen immediately after using the last lorestone, or it may take longer. See the Talk page for a discussion.

Save before attempting to start this quest!


After you speak with Terenia at the beginning of the quest, you will have to protect her through four waves of enemies. If you are fast and lucky enough you can sometimes quicksave between waves, in the short space before the next wave spawns and you are "in combat" and unable to make a save game.

  • NOTE: Remember to keep aggro on the creatures or they'll kill your NPC ridiculously fast!
  1. The first wave is a horde of Sprites (3 Champions, 3 normal).
  2. The second is a set of three Trolls. The Trolls are the best time to use your Fateshift ability, as they are the hardest of the waves. It may take a couple times to get used to when is the BEST time to Fateshift to get the 3x XP. Or just do it early to get the damage in quick and hopefully thin their ranks when they're grouped.
  3. Next comes a horde of Boggarts (8).
  4. Last is a set of three Ancient Leanashe.

Speak to Terenia again after the last wave and she will comment that the Cradle is safe again before dying from exhaustion.


  • Level-based experience, but no Gold
  • Random loot from the remains (including Terenia's)
  • Random shield from Terenia (which she gives to you before dying)


  • If you leave in the middle of this quest and come back there may be no monsters to kill and no way to complete. Unfortunately found this out after not paying attention to quest and of course not having multiple saves. - Reload auto save; the game should auto save before you're teleported.
  • If you happen to fast travel back to the cave that brought you to this quest, you will find that there are no enemies to fight when you come back. Just to the south east, across the water from the summer circle there should be 3 trolls that weren't there before. If you kill them it should start the wave sequence. I also received the silver talisman.
  • If you leave in the middle of this quest, the game may glitch and there will be no monsters to kill, but in my case when I went back there were two sprites not far from the questgiver. What worked for me is to aggro the sprites and let them get a hit on the questgiver. I then killed the sprites and then the proper waves of enemies spawned afterwards. So I was able to complete the quest.
  • If you are entering Syl while on the quest Unlucky Charm make sure you do not activate the lore stone by the entrance unless you are absolutely sure it is not the last one or you will be forced to do this quest with the curses active which makes it much harder.