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"There are in fact two things, science and opinion; the former begets knowledge, the latter ignorance."

Fomorous Hugues


Focused, dedicated, and visionary—these words have all this been uttered in the great Librarium of Adessa about the Scholar of Vivification, Fomorous Hugues. Little is known about Hugues’ life before his graduation from the academy. Following a brief professorship in Adessa, Hugues dedicated himself to a single project: the Well of Souls. The benevolent professor seeks to cease all war and, indeed, prevent any sentient mortal creature from meeting an unnatural end.

In that effort, he worked with Ventrinio, another gnome who also worked in the field of vivification under the Templar Octienne. Both were stationed in Detyre working in the Saltwell Caverns. Hugues became disturbed with Ventrinio's methods of experiments but quietly worked beside him for a while for results. Eventually Ventrinio caught the eyes of many other templar's and was arrested and tried for breaking their code of ethics in scientific research.

After Ventrinio's arrest, Hugues was moved to Allestar Tower to continue working on the Well of Souls project, while Octienne secretly saved and moved Ventrinio to Dannestar Tower to follow his own methods for the project.

Although the project has yet to yield a success, the Fateweaver Agarth has seen it written in Fate’s tapestry that Hugues will succeed. Unfortunately, Agarth has also foreseen that Hugues’ success will come at the cost of his own life. It came true, as when the Fateless One came back to life, the Tuatha Deohn launched a massive attack on Allestar Tower, completely catching everyone there off guard, and resulting in high causalities. After meeting the Fateless One, Hugues used himself as a distraction to draw the Tuatha forces away from him/her to escape.

But Fate was wrong and Hugues actually survived the Tuatha attack on Allestar Tower, becoming paranoid and not trusting anyone he had worked with formerly, especially his benefactor Templar Octienne. Constantly moving and setting up makeshift laboratories to continue his research and figure out why the Fateless One was the only successful being revived from the Well of Souls. After the Fateless One approached Templar Octienne who requested him/her to go to Saltwell Caverns and convince Hugues to come out of hiding.

In reality, Octienne had sent assassins to follow him/her with orders to kill both the Fateless One and Hugues. The assassins failed and Hugues trusted him/her with evidence to indict Octienne and expose his crimes to the gnomes.

After Octienne's arrest following a major fight between himself and his hired assassins and the Fateless One, Hugues finally returns to Adessa under Templar Jorielle's protection; continuing his research in vivification as a newly instated Templar to replace Octienne, while also finding a lead to the real whereabouts of Ventrinio.


Out of the Darkness[]

  • "You've made it! And look at you! Even with all you've been through... the Tuatha, your return from the dead... Please, forgive me. You must be terribly confused by all of this. I am Fomorous Hugues, and this is my laboratory at Allestar. Everything you see here is dedicated to one thing: the Well of Souls. The pursuit of immortality! And you... you're my first success! If we only had the time! There's so much we might learn from one another".
  • "The Well it's been my life's work, decades of research with a singular goal: ending death itself. And now, you're the only proof that it's a success. But why did it work on you, and no one else? What makes you different from the others?"
  • "I wish I could tell you more, but your death is a mystery to me as well. It seems that your memory died with your body. You see, the Well is designed to capture the soul of someone recently deceased, recreating their physical form within its waters. Simple, really. Your rebirth is the first we might truly call a success. There have been others, but the results weren't... quite right".
  • "The Tuatha are a radical splinter of the Fae. Insane, bloodthirsty, and immortal; even when they "die", their essence returns home to be reborn later. They hate mortals like you and me, and want us wiped off the face of Amalur. I can only imagine how much they hate the idea of mortals being reborn!"
  • "The Fae are... complicated. I could write ten volumes on the effects of the immortality on their pseudo-feudal court system alone."
  • "We're in the Faelands, miles away from the front lines. I thought we were safe enough from the war. But it seems some of the Tuatha found their way here anyway."
The Tuatha arrive[]
  • "No! We've got to get you out of here now. Quickly! Follow the path to the town of Gorhart. Find Agarth. He's a friend, and he may be able to help. No matter what else, stay alive!"



In battle against the assassins, Hugues is proficient in the common magic attacks deployed by many NPCs.



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