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Blacksmithing Damage Immune armor02:22, July 4, 20182605:6000:5491:DB00:4524:DDF4:3E2D:DE2F
How to marry the maid of windmere13:44, March 1, 2018OrucReis
Improve the KoA:R visual experience14:38, February 4, 201889.74.112.72
Rare farming and powerful rares22:51, December 3, 20162bcont
Champion19:43, April 12, 2016LuizF
Somber Amalur-related news15:36, December 30, 2015WikiaWizard
Backpacks06:24, October 5, 2015JawnTEM
Pure mage weapons?12:33, August 12, 20152bcont
Things to keep in mind for starting a new adventure through Amalur, and tidbits worth knowing that may not be obvious13:35, August 11, 20152bcont
Decision-making?11:51, August 11, 20152bcont
Most Beautiful Avatar13:11, June 7, 2015WikiaWizard
Giants18:42, June 2, 2015ROCKFACTS
Health goes to 0 as soon as I respec and con't even use pots to save myself.02:45, February 21, 2015WikiaWizard
Mods, Textures, etc.16:03, December 25, 2014WikiaWizard
Questions about races...14:22, November 17, 2014WikiaWizard
Creating a colony?14:22, November 17, 2014WikiaWizard
What do do now?16:55, October 25, 201479.150.113.164
Best ability build?22:47, October 12, 2014WikiaWizard
Dungeon Level Guide (30+)14:25, September 3, 2014WikiaWizard
Project Copernicus is still in developement!... sort of10:56, July 12, 2014WikiaWizard
Finished...what now?15:57, June 20, 2014WikiaWizard
Flawless Components10:30, June 9, 201498.208.101.215
Sell purple items?20:38, May 12, 2014Hadulf
Young Neely's mod16:08, April 7, 2014WikiaWizard
Max level?23:44, March 5, 2014WikiaWizard
Red Blocks at Skill's10:11, December 22, 201377.251.124.51
Fast travel broke15:26, November 20, 201398.217.170.67
Runes on the floors?17:51, October 11, 201372.201.239.69
Other Games01:08, September 5, 2013CAFarnell
Dragonfang??????23:44, August 18, 201376.28.13.216
Mounts in Amalur02:54, August 7, 2013PangolinScholar
Stat setup01:11, June 23, 201382.34.235.251
Selkie Veil question23:31, June 6, 2013Nomorethehero
Armor Sets?22:42, May 27, 2013SonnyListon
How is Primal Evenroot used?04:31, May 11, 2013The Supreme Deity
Unique Armor List20:13, January 25, 2013Khojax
Getting good with Warsworn19:29, January 9, 2013180.190.10.115
Fulmin ring17:14, January 9, 2013Paul019
How to escape Coilsbain Ruins?18:47, January 1, 201398.100.186.154
Missing quest text03:28, December 28, 2012Benhero
Quest markers gone?12:22, November 28, 2012220.255.1.130
Green Thumb Trophy04:43, October 11, 2012Knightdarling
Negative effects bug04:40, October 11, 2012Knightdarling
Blacksmithing 100% crit03:09, October 6, 2012NJGamer
Unlock all map loactions11:17, October 5, 201279.181.232.209
Unique item question07:59, October 1, 2012Clarent
Will Fae become playable?02:16, October 1, 2012Dokkalfar-veralidaine
Best staves and stats?12:51, August 6, 2012Turkeysocks
Does anyone have trouble with specs?20:45, July 19, 2012Turkeysocks
Metal armor for rogues?01:10, June 23, 201298.230.232.87
Running or Dashing?11:00, June 19, 2012Gyumaou
Best time to do DLC12:04, May 30, 2012Gyumaou
Weapon Stat Bonus Questions04:46, May 23, 2012P13
What is the best Ability or Ability combo character?23:56, May 22, 2012TheRealTerminal
Glitch in 'Silence falls'22:21, May 22, 2012Gyumaou
Does critical hit % work with spells also?11:54, May 11, 2012Gyumaou
Looting07:07, May 3, 2012Gyumaou
Sleeping20:37, April 24, 2012208.95.212.252
Dead kel potions14:34, March 31, 2012Gyumaou
Stealth Training for Dokkalfar13:43, March 27, 2012RandMuadDib
Can a trainer train us more than once?15:07, March 21, 2012Gyumaou
Books and scrolls20:45, March 20, 2012Gyumaou
History of Amalur16:04, March 12, 2012156.79.106.158
How many abilities bonus can i have?13:30, March 6, 2012156.79.106.158
Multi-faction Hero?01:39, February 25, 201272.24.38.17
End-game Items?04:32, February 20, 2012KlaelDemon
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