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Welcome to the forum for game help. This is a place to ask questions about playing Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, if you're stuck or need help with something specific. To add a new topic, please type the title in the box below then click "Add new topic".

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TopicLast EditLast Author
Road Patrol23:33, 19 May 2019WikiaWizard
Can't map abilities on xbox 36023:12, 28 August 2016MAAguy26
Master belne quest03:40, 6 May 2016Fatnick69
+1 +3 to Ability... how does it work?05:21, 21 March 2015BorosPaladin
"Leftovers" of; sailcloth/Beachstone,etc. stuck in inventory. How to remove?18:22, 4 March 2015WikiaWizard
The Hunters Hunted - has anyone solved bug with this?02:15, 9 November 201487.207.144.34
Denric's journals - not re-spawning22:21, 6 September 2014WikiaWizard
I can't get into the raven in Mel aglir16:07, 18 July 2014107.209.114.58
Heartsone17:58, 29 June 2014WikiaWizard
Teeth of Naros - Trailblazer card12:09, 27 June 201491.153.83.13
Dlc weapons won't appear in game15:39, 20 June 2014WikiaWizard
Bugged level requirements15:37, 20 June 2014WikiaWizard
Locked out of Proving Hall, how do I get back in?15:26, 20 June 2014WikiaWizard
Bugged out23:12, 6 June 2014WikiaWizard
How to see your achievements17:45, 20 May 2014WikiaWizard
Faction17:20, 14 April 2014WikiaWizard
How to maximise all abilities?18:39, 27 March 2014WikiaWizard
How to get serpentskin tunic04:36, 18 March 2014Timmybeck
Heart of Sibun Fix03:25, 6 February 2014Zepheus
Quests Question04:50, 31 December 2013108.220.80.230
Help! I can't get into the House of Vengeance in "Taking Vengeance"! It says I need a key, which I don't have and can't find anywhere!05:22, 30 December 2013Valethar
Fateweaving20:13, 29 December 2013IakonaSD
Master of the keep 15th quest bug00:25, 22 November 201350.27.22.78
Help Quest is Bugged!00:09, 11 September 2013Coolcat Terri
Teeth of Naros21:07, 6 August 2013DragonbacK
Legend of dead kel07:21, 29 July 201376.181.209.44
Game froze09:30, 11 July 2013Uncle Hamster
How can I know what time it is in game?01:44, 3 July 201367.185.163.114
What class should i get?14:13, 9 June 2013Muradin001
Silken Seat21:17, 29 April 2013LadyAlaise
Check resistances?07:14, 12 April 2013Hungar
Trailblazer question19:15, 29 March 201324.12.36.2
Problem fininshing off Tirnoch09:51, 16 March 2013Wyldefx
Help! Glitch in "The Hero and the Maid"00:22, 17 February 201371.65.232.31
Master of the keep 14th quest bug?19:11, 31 January 201394.22.49.129
Rast Brattigan isn't there!23:45, 30 January 2013108.183.7.69
I bought the weapons and armor packs but they are not in the chest in gorhart00:37, 16 December 2012108.11.34.215
I m at level 40 and m not recieving any Exp points, Why?????05:38, 6 December 201276.169.60.222
Platinum02:41, 15 November 2012Clarent
Question-abilities21:47, 6 November 201268.32.116.176
Inventory09:29, 13 October 2012212.187.72.170
Gaining access to House of Valor04:49, 11 October 2012Knightdarling
The Champions Mission04:41, 5 October 2012Clarent
Health reducing invisible curse06:33, 2 October 2012Clarent
Why can't I just WALK with my character?07:44, 1 October 2012122.62.148.133
Quest Help07:42, 1 October 2012122.62.148.133
Pride Before a Fall Bug17:24, 28 September 2012Derksparr
Help please20:03, 24 September 2012Turkeysocks
What color are the eyes in the creator screen?16:23, 15 September 201290.244.184.114
Prison face-change glitch16:28, 14 September 2012108.200.72.208
Pteryx armor01:27, 11 September 2012107.193.104.47
Locksmiths Lab glitch09:02, 9 September 2012101.162.43.185
How to recover the mana bar that reduce and blocked by ability?05:13, 30 August 2012Turkeysocks
House of Sorrows13:48, 24 August 2012Turkeysocks
I lost Erathi windchime! Can not do man quest, what to do?14:34, 19 August 201284.237.202.243
Is there a Player House?02:00, 18 August 201272.224.1.89
Teeth of Naros Exit22:29, 15 August 2012Turkeysocks
Do I still get sneak attach damage bonus if I use long swords?21:32, 14 August 2012178.148.4.96
Raven guard armor location?16:05, 31 July 2012Turkeysocks
Blacksmithing skill points not working00:07, 20 July 201268.10.174.40
Help with stealth kills18:43, 19 July 2012108.38.128.231
Unable to save?20:29, 12 July 2012195.241.210.57
Negative Effects18:52, 4 July 2012Expotarium
Tech question23:58, 1 July 2012Gyumaou
What is the use of disposel note , tattered documents and som other books in kingdom of amalur ??01:21, 23 June 201298.230.232.87
Time limits09:40, 27 May 2012174.26.67.208
Lock and key warsworn quest01:48, 23 May 201271.182.187.13
Wheres the 5th WebWood LoreStone09:36, 14 May 2012TheBertd1
When i attack something i take damage13:23, 8 May 2012Andrea88GOD
Run time error .. floating support not loaded!20:46, 3 May 2012Gyumaou
Can I continue to play after completing the game?00:04, 1 May 2012Nex Undique
How do I add a spell ability to the circles on the bottom in the PC version? I tried dragging it with the mouse and it didn't work.15:17, 24 April 201285.165.145.68
Fast travel20:02, 18 April 2012Gyumaou
Pets?14:03, 9 April 2012Gyumaou
When I salvage equipment, do I get the same grade components as the equipment was?23:38, 4 April 2012Gyumaou
Is there a fixed place to find the Eagonn-Set? Or is it completely random drops?23:31, 4 April 2012Gyumaou
How to open door to bloody bones/ lair10:13, 27 March 2012Gyumaou
How to kill sons of Laz?15:09, 6 March 2012207.28.124.253
Place to train15:36, 5 March 2012156.79.106.158
Where can you find a Master/Flawless level component salesman?15:28, 5 March 2012156.79.106.158
Equipment Level17:29, 4 March 2012Turkeysocks
Is the official site forms safe?07:05, 28 February 2012Snfonseka
Quest follower is trying to kill me, help?21:25, 22 February 2012Akyle.bryan
Laclan's armor set04:00, 21 February 201271.222.53.97
House of Valor05:33, 20 February 2012AmalurHero
HELP FORGING CHAKRAMS19:11, 19 February 201224.36.98.189
Dokkalfar armour in character creator09:06, 17 February 2012Epic MadHatter