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Just in case someone reads this, and they're not already aware of this, the game visuals can be VASTLY improved using two simple tools.

FoV Edit

Ever complain about the ridiculously small field of view? Getting surprise-attacked from outside the screen? Fear not - the solution is here! Well, has been for a good few years now (and yes, it's not only for KoA:R) but got modified to work with Amalur a few weeks ago. Namely, the aptly named [Widescreen Fixer]. What it does is it allows you to tune the Field Of Vision in several games to your liking, from somewhat wider view like in most games out there (yes, KoA:R has a narrow FOV) to downright crazy perspectives. See some examples below (all at 1280x1024):

Best thing is it doesn't slow the game down, and can be tweaked to just offer the right look. Usage is simple too! Just download the archive from the website, extract, and launch "Widescreen Fixer.exe" (requires UAC permissions on Vista/Win7). From the dropdown list select KoA:R and click the gear icon next to it. One more dropdown list, choose your game type (Steam/Origin) and your desired FOV. I Think defaul is somewhere near 45 degrees in KoA:R, my screens are at 75 deg, and 90 is still ok (if a bit weird-looking around the screen edges). You can also set the key combo to apply the effect here too. Save, close settings window, restart Widescreen Fixer (just in case) and start the game. Once in the menu, press your chosen combo and load/continue game. The FOV will change once you move. The key combo can also be used to disable the effect in-game. In most cases the settings can be changed on the fly - simply disable the effect, tweak the value, and get back to game and re-enable. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to work for everyone, so it might be necessary to go back to main menu and re-apply there.

This is also the must-have app for people using multiple monitors or really wide resolutions (as the name suggests).

UPDATE: I've started using 80 degrees as my fov now and it's quite nice. Offers a great view without looking too weird around the edges. Honestly, I can't believe how I could ever play on the default.

Also, the app seems to be updated VERY frequently, so if you find any problems at all chances are they'll get fixed soon.


Kingdoms of Amalur 1080 FXAA Graphics Mod Comparison

Kingdoms of Amalur 1080 FXAA Graphics Mod Comparison

Now if that's not enough, there's more. If you feel the colours in KoA:R are somewhat bleak and not very exciting there's another great solution that turns out to work in KoA:R - The FXAA injector, straight from the Skyrim Nexus. It allows you to tweak all the fancy eye-candy effects everyone loves so much and apply them to games with, lets say, less-than-impressive default capabilities. Best to see it in action, so here's a nice vid I found on YT. This one installs even easier and doesn't have to be started every time you want to play. Just head to the website, download the installer and point it to your main folder of KoA:R, e.g.

C:\Program Files\Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning

Once installed you'll notice a "FXAA Tool" shortcut on your Desktop. Launch that to tweak the settings enable keyboard toggle (Pause key). The settings can be changed on the fly, just alt-tab out of the game, change setting and get back (you might need to disable and enable the effect using the Pause key in some cases). The FXAA Tool app does not have to be started every time, the settings are persistent.

I found preset2 works well with maxed out quality slider for AA and some bloom increase, but to each their own.

Gyumaou 17:19, March 16, 2012 (UTC) Updated: Gyumaou 21:36, April 4, 2012 (UTC)


FOV does not work at all. Its shows "game running: NO"  I've used all the three options: Origin, Steam and Demo. Any help?

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