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Plant a Frost Trap which causes Ice and Freezing damage to all nearby enemies when it explodes. A maximum of 4 traps can be placed at a time.


Frost Trap is a Finesse-based ability where the character plants a trap that, when it explodes, causes freezing and ice damage to all nearby enemies. Up to four traps can be set at once.


This ability has four levels and an additional Bonus Level that may be unlocked via Ability Bonuses

Level Ice Damage Freezing Damage Mana cost
1 30 4 over 2 seconds 20
2 35 6 over 3 seconds 25
3 40 10 over 4 seconds 30
4 45 12 over 5 seconds 35
5 55 15 over 5 seconds 40


  • Most bosses at the end of dungeons do not attack you until you talk to them. Take advantage of this fact by placing some traps around the area before the fight begins.
  • Traps deployed before major battles can also offer some crowd control if your enemy summons minions.
  • Frost Trap can be used to fulfill the Trapper Achievement/Trophy, which requires you to kill 25 enemies with traps.
  • You can use Reckoning Mode to plant traps in the middle of a fight with much less chance of being interrupted.


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