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The Order of Ash has prescribed enchanted armors like this as standard starting kit for apprentice spellcasters.


  • +10% Mana Regen per Sec
  • +5% Elemental Resistance

Frostweave Armor Set[]

Frostweave Armor Set provides the following Bonuses:

  • 2 Pieces: +1 Mana Regen per Sec
  • 3 Pieces: +2 Health Regen per Sec
  • 4 Pieces: +12 Armor


Different from the other Armor Set Pieces of the Frostweave Armor Set, this piece can be found on a body, examined by two Red Legion Bandits, in northern Glendara.


There's a bug with this item that allows the player to have more than one of it. However, it's unknown how the bug works, so if anyone else experienced this bug, please add more info.

If a pair is already owned before you enter Glendara, the pair on the corps will still spawn, allowing the player to own 2 pair of the shoes.