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I am the law in the town. Ayten needed protection, and I didn't see anyone else willing to do the job. I took it upon myself to keep Ayten safe... Someone needed to do it.


Fynwick Iver is the leader of the town of Ayten.

He is who you deliver all your Freeman Armband's to, from the quest Rogue Harvest.

Fynwick can always be found in the town of Ayten, either wandering the streets in daytime - or in his resident Iver House at night.


Ayten village, within the Wolds.



Stranger to Ayten? I'm the law in this town. Keep the peace, and you are welcome to stay. If not, then you had best leave. If you need to trade, visit Banraun, our smithy, and Askel deals in alchemy. And there's a general dealer staying at the inn.

upon your first meeting.

Town's becoming harder to protect. We get weaker every season, and the Freemen know it. I do what I do what I can - but we keep losing ground. Rond Farm burned not long ago. But it's too dangerous to investigate.

when asked about Ayten.

Used to be peaceful farmland, before the war was on. Now it's some scratched-up dirt, home to Ayten and those murderous Freemen.

when asked about the Wolds.

The damn Freemen are getting closer to the village every season. You should see the jobs I posted about... thinning their numbers.
East of the Wolds, you'll find Tala-Rane, a warren of old strongholds and ruins - and crawling with beasts. Fortunes can be had there, for a lucky adventurer. Of course, the ruins have claimed more than a few lives.
Ratofer's aide, right? Let me take a look at what you have there... by the gods. All Alfar know these daggers - these were given to the heroes of the Battle of Galafor plains! Ratofer got these for saving Rathir from the Tuatha! Will you look at that stone... shining like the day it was set into the blade. I'll take these off your hands. They must be preserved.

upon your response: I want to sell you these daggers.

Keep the peace.


If you pickpocket him you can obtain Fynwick's Journal.