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Its icon depicts a blood-spattered Lorestone. The first three stones are a Fae narrative of ancient events; the fourth stone in a panicked civilian; and the last stone is a Belen's Testament cultist's sacrifice.


The Gloaming[]

The demons defile the land.
The burnt skin of the world glows red with suffering.
It is the Deep Gloam, and a pallor of death settles on the people of Amalur.
Fires rage across the wastes; the only sound is whispered laughter.
As the embers cool, and a wind blows across the desert,
life once more erupts from the husk of the earth, and the struggle begins.

Niskaru's Dreams[]

They fought as beams of light amidst darkness. We saw it.
The eternal clash between the structures of Order and shadows of Chaos.
Slowly, despite their struggles, the war gave way to the grass and the sway of trees in the breeze.
The land was cursed by the plague brought on by the Niskaru,
but life gives way to death, as death will birth new life.

A Brief Respite[]

There was one. It would stare from the darkness and smile.
It waited there, with minions by its side.
It was a demon-thing, basking in eternal Chaos, roaring beside the cries of its victims.
The ones who came before faced and vanquished it.
They saved the Children of Dust from a writhing torment.

Tidings of Doom[]

Do you not see, do you not see?
The hells have come for you and I.
Do not sleep, do not run. Bury yourself,
dig into the earth, cover yourself with dirt, cover yourself, dig!
Beneath the worms, beneath the sand, or the fires consume you.
They call the Demon back to wreak the havoc of ancient doom. It comes, dig!

Freedom Beckons[]

Fyragnos, come to us. As I free my blood we free you from your prison.
Taste of this and drink, and tear apart your chains.
We call you, O Fyragnos, we summon you.
We invoke your presence. We break the prison bones. We break the walls.

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