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Humble servant to Great House, Sparrow, and soldier alike. Women and men in want of things make their way to Gwalchmai's Goods.


Galen Gwalchmai is the owner of Gwalchmai's Goods in Rathir. Galen is especially fond of Maybryn Wine.

After the quest 'mixing Business' the Fateless One is able to bring Galen Maybryn Wine on a regular basis, further progressing Galen's level's of intoxication, which in turn changes the prices of the product he sells.

This is how his prices are affected. The prices shown are for the most expensive weapon Galen sells, the "Archmagus' Charkrams of the Avalanche." Prices are based on a default 0 Mercantile level.

  • 0 Bottles; (100% sale price) - 221,782 gold coins
  • 1 Bottle; (93% sale price) - 206,258 gold coins
  • 2 Bottles; (85% sale price) - 188,515 gold coins
  • 3 Bottles; (114% sale price) - 255,049 gold coins
  • 4 Bottles; (100% sale price) - 221,782 gold coins

1 Bottle[]

  • "You, my friend -- you know just the thing to make and old man happy.... Ah, Maybryn Wine. Queen of all the wines!"
  • "Why so you did. Let's have a taste, shall we? ... hints of a summer day, undertones of rose and nectar. Finishes like moon on the water."

2 Bottles[]

  • "Another?! I could cry, just to look at it. Best to drink it now... Yes. Best thing for it. The more you drink, the better it goes down!"
  • "Two bottles? Now this is a happy day."

3 Bottles[]

  • "A third! Ought to save it. But I've had two, why stop now? ... So good. Nothing like it. Legs a bit unsteady. Better lie down just a bit. Yes, lie down."

Pre speech-menu dialogue[]

  • "Yes, yes, what is it?"
  • "Oh, my poor, aching head..."

4 Bottles[]

  • "What's that? Wine? Give it to me. It's the only thing for this aching head... ah. Better. A little better... yes."

If successful or skillful in the "Mixing" side-quest, Gwalchmai can permanently change the steepness of his various vendible offerings - comparatively, in the context of monetarily overwhelming Rathir merchants, in this scenario, trading with Gwalchmai offers the best possibility.



As a general merchant, Galen sells weaponry, armor, accessories, miscellaneous goods and above-average potions:

Specific inventory - weaponry:

  • Archmagus' Chakrams of the Avalanche (rare)
  • Glacial Hammer of Gloom (rare)
  • Glacial Daggers of Bloodshed
  • Sylvanite Hammer
  • Chakrams of the Wildfire
  • Ash Longbow
  • Hammer of Breadth (rare)
  • Longbow of Carnage
  • Daggers of Carnage
  • Prodigy's Staff


  • Rallying Cuirass (+16 Physical Damage)
  • Master's Kite Shield (+60 Mana)


  • Necklace of Eradicating (+10% Physical Damage) - 50328 g
Consumables Gems (Misc)
Potions (Consumables)


Galen can always be found in his shop, Gwalchmai's Goods, within Lower City.


You have come to Gwalchmai's Goods. Provisioner to all Rathir, to hih and low, Great House, and Sparrow alike.

upon your first encounter.

The great families of Rathir, of course. As rich in power as in gold. Visit the upper city and see them yourself. Worth the climb, if you ask me.

when asked about the Great Houses.

They are, ahem, the rag-pickers and dust-grubbers of the city. Mind you, I don't let them in the front door. Appearances! Not to mention odors.

when asked about the Sparrows.

A good head on his shoulders, that lad. I asked for a ledger I thought was long lost. He found it and brought it back.

when asked about Wyl Werrenir

I might give him a raise in fact. A resourceful employee should always be recognized.

if chosen the response: "I agree" (once you've completed the quest 'Good with Locks').

Oh, him? No one knows his real name. Got that name from the way he talks. Some say he was next to the Archsage, once, up spire-top. Then a spell went wrong, or his lover fell to her death. Whatever it was, broke him, it did.

when asked about Faldranafari.

I could tell you a thing or two about this city. Did you know, for instance, that Faldranafari ate the fifth memorial stone? Cast a spell and ate it! I could say a thing or two about Wyvyrn-Gifre, as well, if I didn't fear the consequence.

when asked about Rathir.

The first four are easy enough to find about the city. But the fifth? Few know the truth of it.

when asked about the Historical Monuments.

The Wyvyrns had a claim of their own, mind you. But their marriage to Gifre: a scandal. I know the truth of it, but I'm not at liberty to say.

when asked about Wyvyrn-Gifre.

Come again.

While doing 'Mixing Business':

What will it be, my friend?
Maybryn Wine? Where ever did you find it? Forgive me. It's just they're devilish hard to find. You likely had no idea, but there's not a wine in the world I love more. In fact, I think I'll uncork this now and have a sip. Or two... ah!

upon your response: I have a gift for you.

Another? I could cry, just to look at it. Best to drink it now... Yes. Best thing for it. The more you drink, the better it goes down!

upon your response: Have another bottle of wine.

Friend to any soul with such... distinguished taste in wine. To you, friend!

when asked about himself.

Now there's Anwon - and Wyvyrn-Gifre. The old oak and the green weed, some say. Ah ha ha! Not I. The coin of one's as good as the other.

when asked about the Great Houses.

Rotten-smelling stinkers, they are! But how they love the scraps and tossings no one else would pay a coin for.

when asked about the Sparrows.

A remarkable woman, there's no denying. But you be weary! Those eyes of hers make promises. Promise things she'll never give.

when asked about Carasta Arawyn.

The Maybryn? Ah, yes. Very much. Excellent vintage. My warmest thanks. Very thoughtful of you. Very kind indeed!

when asked: Did you enjoy your wine?

What's this? Trade agreement, eh? It's yours. Why, I'll give it to you for a song. That will get Carasta's goat. Ah ha ha!

if chosen the response: Please look at this contract.

Oh! An old crafty trader, you are. It's a song, but for you, here's a sweeter one. There... you... go.

if chosen the response: You call that a song? (succeeding in persuasion attempt).