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The militia's store of potions has been used up and we lost our alchemist nearly a month ago. Now it's up to me to resupply reagents and brew the potions... somehow.

Murdoc Hain


The town of Didenhil has been beleaguered by Boggarts. With Oleander Sinclair, the town's alchemist, missing, Murdoc must supply the militia with fire potions. He is requesting aid to find the proper reagents to stock the potions.


Since this task is repeatable, it cannot truly be completed. Instead, certain items can be turned in for a reward.


Scarwood Bark and Tindertwig can be turned in for gold. They must be turned in as a pair, or the option won't show up. Each pair turned in nets a reward of 141 gold.

Scarwood Bark can be found in the area north of Didenhil, and Tindertwig can be found in Ironhold Passage.


Potions can be turned in as well. Minor Blazing Salve can be turned in for 212 gold. Greater Blazing Salve can be turned in for twice as much, and Master Blazing Salve for three times as much as a Minor one. Note that gold earned may vary depending on your level.


This task is initiated by Murdoc Hain in the Crafting Hall in Didenhil. This is also where items can be turned in for gold.