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What? Don't look at me like that. I don't like to be looked at.


Gelphyne Nargyfier is a Dokkalfar merchant and a fence that can be found at the Lower Tunnels, in the city of Rathir.

She sells weaponry, armor, accessories, and the following:

Potions (Consumables) Reagents (Consumables)
Gems (Misc) Misc



Well, a topsider. Need something Gwalchmai's not got?

upon your first encounter with her.

I don't mind where you got anything. I don't ask. And don't you go minding where these came from. It's buy, sell, or leave.

when asked about Trade.

You go and wrinkle your nose at our caves and our tatters. At least I'm Rathiri, and no rotten outsider.

when asked about the Lower Tunnels.

By Lyria, don't say it so loud. Someone could hear. All right, it's yours if you can pay the price.

upon your response: You have Rose-of-Shadows...

Remember. I never saw this - or you.

if chosen the response: I'll buy it.

You got what you came for. Now go. Get away from me with that.

when asked: About the Rose-of-Shadows...