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I am a thief. Never had a spot of good luck. But taking what belongs to others doesn't make me a bad man, just a weak one.


Gelt Far is an Almain refugee that stole a valuable item from the wealthy nobleman Wane Emundas with his partner Edwin Hoswig. He betrayed Edwin and took the Eye of Amman for himself. After that, Gelt finally realizes that the amulet was cursed, and he suffers for it.

At the time you meet him, he will eager to give it to you (he also won't take it back). Should you take the amulet in order to complete the quest Unlucky Charm (or not), its curse will be transferred to you.


He can be found in the Cradle of Summer, within the Plains of Erathell.



While doing 'Unlucky Charm':

At last.
Thanks the gods! Someone's come for me at last. Yes, I am the scoundrel you're looking for. Yes, I stabbed my partner in the back. Do with me what you like, just, please... please, take the amluet! It's yours!

upon your first encounter.

I'll tell you why. This Fae trinket belonged to Amman the Clever, and it's cursed. Like most, I considered it an old Travelers story. Now, I am a believer. It's real. I have the scars to prove it. Your only hope is to give it away, or to travel to Amman's Hollow in hopes you can remove the curse, which is why I'm here. Please, take the amulet. I am so weak. I cannot withstand its influence. If I possess it any longer I will surely die.

when asked: Why so eager?

Perhaps the most treacherous and playful Fae ever to walk the green lands of the Summer Court. Evidence of his trickery can be found all over the Faelands. Amman's hollow of Syl is not far, right here in the Cradle of Summer. That's where I'm headed now. It is my salvation.

when asked: Who is Amman the Clever?

Legend says that Amman crafted it by combining lightning, fire, and frost - an arcane trick he stole from the Scholia Arcana. All I know is what I've seen. Once that amulet is in your possession, it will torture you. Only the strongest can withstand its punishment. Only one such as you.

when asked: What is the amulet?

What a relief! You have no idea how long I've been trying to abandon that damned thing. In order to be rid of its curse, you must take the amulet to Amman's hollow of Syl and cleanse it. Amman wishes to make you enter his lair and face its many dangers. But once you've done that, the amulet is yours to keep. If you ask me, it's a high price to pay for a rather dull trinket.

if chosen the response: I'll take the amulet.

It's terrible, fire, ice, lightning - you will see.

when asked about the Amulet's Curse.

He lives in Emaire. Pompous blowhard, going on about his artifact collection to any who would listen. Name's Emundas. Wane Emundas.

when asked about the theft "victim".

Edwin... he was my partner, and a good one. But soon as I saw the amulet... I had to have it. Stabbed Edwin. Took the goods. You can say I paid for my treachery.

when asked about Edwin Hoswig.

It is ancient, they say, as old as the Cradle of Summer itself. Amman the Clever calls it his home, even though no one has reported seeing Amman for centuries.

when asked about Amman's Hollow.

I've trekked here for several days and nights in search of Syl hollow, but I have yet to find it. I can't say I'm comfortable here. Too many Fae. Too much magic.

when asked about the Cradle of Summer.

Good luck.