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A Gem is a material that can enhance weapons and armor. Weapons and armor can be infused by gems through Blacksmithing, otherwise the item must have socket to be enhanced by a gem. Gems can be placed in a socket at a Sagecraft Altar where gems can also be made from shards. With a high enough Sagecrafting skill, the Fateless One can remove gems from sockets, otherwise a Sagecrafter will do it, for a fee. Gems cannot be removed from crafted items.

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Types of gems[]

There are four gem types: Weapon, Armor, Utility, and Epic. The type of gem is chosen upon its crafting (or randomly generated, if the gem is found or bought). Gems can only be placed in sockets of the same type.

Gem Names Description Socket
Armor Gem Armor Gems Armor gems focus on defense by increasing an item's armor value or its resistance to certain types of damage. They can be added to any piece of armor except Shields and Talismans. Armor Socket
Epic Gem
Epic Gems Epic gems tend to supply reactionary abilities, large boosts to damage or resistance, boosts to abilities, or other unique bonuses. They can only be added to chest pieces: Cuirasses, Light Armor, or Robes. Epic gems confer the biggest bonuses to balance this limitation. Epic Socket
Utility Gem
Utility Gems They have a variety of effects, both offensive and defensive. Both weapons and armor can have utility gems, making these the most versatile type. In fact, weapons and armor can have multiple utility gem sockets, but rarely have more than one armor gem socket or weapon gem socket. Utility Socket
Weapon Gem
Weapon Gems Weapon gems focus on the offense by increasing damage; They also have Manasteal and Lifesteal effects. Weapon gems can be added to any weapon with an open weapon gem socket and crafted into all weapons except Chakrams, Sceptres and Staves. Any effects added by a weapon gem only apply to that weapon. Weapon Socket
Examples of items with sockets
Sagecraft Altar · Shard

Armor Gem · Epic Gem · Utility Gem · Weapon Gem