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At the suggestion of the Head Steward of the fortress known as Seawatch, I should reassemble the castle's old serving staff. The first servant is Conni, a Fae alchemist who formed a bond with Lord Ansilla and served in his court. She was last seen being captured by the bolgan in Castle Ansilla.


Talk to Byrn Elgar, who can be found in the southern part of the Seawatch Castle, located in the north-east of southern Caeled Coast.  He will tell you that you are the new lord of Seawatch, or at least will be once you convince the staff to return.

Part One[]

  • The first person Byrn Elgar wants to bring back is Conni - the resident Fae gardener.  Conni can be found inside the dungeon of Castle Ansilla, Western section.
  • After talking to Conni, the Fateless One will be asked to find a key to the dungeon in the Eastern part of the castle.
  • Once Conni is released, the Fateless One can return to Byrn Elgar to finish this phase.

Part Two[]

Part Three[]

  • The third and final person Byrn Elgar wants to bring back is Astor Colliane - a shrewd merchant once employed by the Lord of the Keep.  Astor Colliane can be found in Mel Senshir.  He considers the proposal profitable and agrees to return, if the Fateless One brings him a particular Tuatha Dagger.
  • The dagger is currently in possession of Fridi Edstar, who can be found in the Mel Senshir tavern :
    • The dagger can be purchased for 250 gold.
    • A persuasion check (66% at 10 persuasion) can be used to obtain the dagger for free.
    • Alternatively, the dagger can be pickpocketed off of her.
  • After bringing the dagger to Astor Colliane, he returns to Seawatch.  The quest can now be finished by speaking to Byrn Elgar (XP and Gold, both level-based ~4650 and 7450 at level 39).


  • Gold

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