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Glowlode Mine is an old mine in Alabastra. Its tunnels connect the Shadow Pass to the Twilight Pass.


The quest Esha is available by traveling either through the northern entrance hidden door and going through the entire cave, or waiting until you travel the Pass' main road and come upon the quest giver for Gask and enter the Southern entrance.


Alabastra, between Shadow Pass and Twilight Pass.  The entrance is behind a hidden door southeast of the Tuatha camp.  The Twilight Pass entrance is north of Ashmoor.


The following NPCs can be found in this region:

  • Esha
  • Ashmoor Survivors


Several things of note can be found here:


The following enemies can be found here:


The following items found here can be looted:

  • Chest (unlocked) x 1
  • Chest (Hard) x 1
  • Chest (Very Hard) x 1
  • Skeleton x 2
  • Whirlpool x 4


The following reagents can be found in Glowlode Mine:

  • Bloodroot x 2 : S-center right below room with three Murghan, near the E entrance.
  • Edelweiss x 3 : SW T endpoint, N-center where the path does a U-turn between two nearby rooms, in the NE room where Esha starts.
  • Scarlet Flowstone x 2 : W entrance right after T junction, N-center where path twists back on itself
  • Black Cohosh x 1 : S-center east of the bloodroot.


  • The mine can be cleared before accepting Esha's Quest, but all enemies will respawn.