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A Rock Troll female. Gnarsh is the first Prismere Troll that the Fateless One encounters.


Haxhi Dam after given the Old Friends, New Foes quest.


Gnarsh is the matriarch of an unknown Rock Troll clan. The Tuatha Deohn enhanced her with vast amounts of Prismere, driving her insane. The Weave of Fate said that with the support of the Tuatha, Gnarsh was fated to rampage across the Dalentarth.

Gnarsh is considered a "main quest boss" (externally, in the same category as Balor, the Cur of Vengeance, Gadflow and Tirnoch) and as such, should not be underestimated and is extremely formidable to the unwary questor on higher difficulties. Those eager with ambition to enter Ysa in an unorthodox route should be heavily armed, in all ways, and stocked with defensive and offensive poultices and elixirs. Gnarsh possesses "super armor" mathematically equal to 30% of total HP. The judicious use of reckoning mode and/or utilization of to at least one master-alchemy-level "Fate Potion" is more than highly tactically advised in the final battle.


Additional Info[]

  • It is advised to stay cautious when fighting Gnarsh as she has a vast amount of health and does massive, easily fatal damage (if suffered, any hit received by the Fateless One is automatic death on Harder settings - unless armor is configured with ideal maximal Damage Resistance). It is recommended to use a Greatsword or Chakrams to reduce her to 50% of her initial health, then Fateshift Gnarsh during Reckoning to eliminate her. Regardless of specific weapon choices and tactics, the main fact to remember is Gnarsh is an incredibly potent "hierarch" of the Prismere Troll class of elite enemies in the game: be prepared before engagement.
  • Two scuttlecrabs in the arena can misdirect aimed skills such as most Sorcery.
  • The initial cutscene of Gnarsh advancing also seals the arena in which you fight her. This can also cause summoned Fae Gorta to be locked outside.