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After proving yourself to the leader of the Moon Camp by stealing the required items, he sends you to pray again at the shrine of Hierophant. They will inform you about your next dangerous task which will be accomplished with the help of another traveler, Phasmer Humm.


  • Once you return to Irion Tal after finishing Something Borrowed, he will tell you that you have a new task to complete with Phasmer Humm. As usual, your first step is to pray at the Hierophant shrine.
  • The Hierophant tells you that you need to steal the amulet of Rithen. After you talk to Phasmer, it's time to head to Rithen, which is south-east along the Tywili Coast
  • When working through Rithen, you will alternate between moving forward and pushing levers to let Phasmer move forward. There will be a short discussion before each of the levers.
  • When you get to the amulet, Phasmer will pick it up and become frozen with a curse. Return to Irion Tal for additional instructions.
  • Along the way out, near the entrance, you will run into Grim Onwig. He will tell you that the Hierophant has set you and Phasmer up, thinking that at least one of you would be cursed, and he gives you a gem named Tear of Mitharu to release Phasmer from the curse.
  • Return to Phasmer Humm and apply the gem to him:
    • Phasmer is still under the effects of the curse. However, placing the Tear of Mitharu in the amulet should help undo the damage.
  • Phasmer will be freed and thank you. Speak to Grim Onwig.
  • Grim Onwig will reward you (XP and Gold, both level-based ~5800 and 15150 at level 33, and either a Stealth or Detect Hidden skill book). Grim will then tell you that his goal is to remove the Hierophant, thus starting the quest Mirror, Mirror.


Some notable loot found includes:

  • Stealth book or a Detect Hidden book.



  • Phasmer sometimes will not pick up the amulet but instead just run in and stare at the loot pile. He does nothing and if you try to talk to him all he will say is "Quiet, let me work" over and over. Running ahead will do nothing because Grim Onwig is not standing near the entrance like he should be. This can be fixed by leaving Rithen and returning. If all is well you should hear Phasmer shouting.