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After speaking to Wyl Werrenir the Fateless One is asked to retrieve an old ledger from the Customs House storeroom. The Fateless One is given 5 lockpicks to aid in the task.


  • The storeroom is easily accessed from the Customs House via a door to the right of the entrance.
  • There are 15 chests of varying difficulty (mostly hard) filled with a random assortment of items. The ledger can be found in any of them.
  • Once you find the Old Red Ledger, return to Wyl for your reward (level-based XP, but no Gold).


  • The chests contain random loot (they also consist of your "reward" for this quest).
  • Additional dialogue appears with Galen Gwalchmai once this quest is completed. When asked about Wyl he will comment on Wyl's usefulness, and the Fateless One can either suggest an increase in wages or reveal Wyl's blunder with the keys. This choice has no effects other than different dialogue lines.