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Gorhart is a small Almain settlement on the edge of the Odarath forest. It is sometimes called the "Camp of Cowards" because many of its first residents were Almain settlers from the west who were afraid to go further into Dalentarth's magical forests. Some of its inhabitants are still suspicious of the Fae and Alfar.

Gorhart was founded around 1110 BE (2157 NW). Important figures in Gorhart's past include Alden Gorhart, who established the Gorhart Inn, and St. Odwig, who began construction of the mission that bears his name.

In-game[edit | edit source]

Gorhart is the first settlement in Amalur that the Fateless One reaches after escaping from the Well of Souls. You will first encounter this village after Agarth gives you the main quest Into the Light.

In the centre of Gorhart, the Corner Shop, Golden Age Alchemy and the Gorhart Inn are clustered around the town well. By Gorhart Inn is the Special Delivery Chest, where equipment and Twists of Fate cards from DLC are stored for the player. On a hill at the edge of the village is the enclosed St. Odwig's Mission, including a shrine, chapel, bunkhouse and reliquary. The graveyard is behind Golden Age Alchemy at the foot of the mission's hill. On the graveyard are several graves, including the old grave of Alden Gorhart, the town's founder.

The town jail is in a cave called Lawbreaker's Grotto.

Location[edit | edit source]

Gorhart is on the south-western edge of Odarath in Dalentarth near the Allestar Glade. The nearest settlement is the gnomish Allestar Tower. On the other side of Odarath are the summer fae House of Ballads and Shieldring Keep in Yolvan.

Characters[edit | edit source]

The following NPCs can be found in this settlement:

Gossip[edit | edit source]

Villagers[edit | edit source]

Men[edit | edit source]
  • "I heard that one of the monks attacked someone! I thought they were holy men..."
  • "Don't give Nanne your business. She's mad, you know".
  • "Did you hear? One of the monks ran off into the woods, looking for Fae!"
  • "Thankfully, the war is far from here".
  • "I don't trust the brothers of St. Odwig's. Why should I? They stay holed up in that mission like rats".
  • "What kind of animal would join the Red Legion? There must be better ways to earn some coin in this world".
  • "Tell Gizela if you see her husband".
  • "Did you hear that Nanne's apprentice Karth disappeared? Just another strange ocurrence..."
  • "Have you seen Brother Egan around? He was a frequent visitor to the inn, but I haven't seen him in days".
  • "I hope the warden is able to heal that Fae girl. She didn't deserve to get beaten like that. No one does".
  • "Deda sells potions at the inn, but they're not cheap".
  • "If you haven't spoken to Arnick Arduna, you should. He's a friendly sort, not like most Alfar".
  • "They say Agnur Farhal is haunted. Haunted by Red Legion bandits, I say. That old ruin is the perfect hideout".
  • "Herc Adwold thinks we should hold counsel with the Fae. Better to invite a wolf into your home, I say."
  • "Don't visit the old Erathi ruin after dusk. It's guarded by the spirits of the war dead. Or so I heard".
  • "Damn bandits. Watch you saschet".
  • "I'm ready for this damned war to be over. I'm ready for our boys and girls to come home".
  • "There's Warsworn in the inn, they can help you find work if you're interested".
  • "The Tuatha will get what they deserve".
  • "Sister Zelda has a point. How can the one who embraces everyone reject certain people simply because the're women? It's not right".
  • "Nettie Grildas knows blades better than anyone around".
  • "If only the Alfar would have taken me. I'd be on the front lines facing the Tuatha, not here working the fields".
  • "Gorhart used to be bigger before the war".
  • "Mel Senshir will never fall!"
  • "Mitharu have mercy".
Women[edit | edit source]
  • "We've buried to many in the cementery on the hill. Someday there'll be good news to celebrate again. Someday..."
  • "Be cautious in the forest. There are dangers with sharp teeth, and many of them".
  • "With so many of our young ones at war, it's been quiet in Gorhart".
  • "I swear I saw what looked like a Tuatha running through the trees west of the village. Of course, I've never seen a Tuatha, so..."
  • "The mission has locked its doors. I wonder what's going on..."
  • "If you spy trouble, tell Herc Adwold. He's the Warden".
  • "That Fae girl got what was coming to her. If someone else hadn't taught her a lesson, I would have".
  • "The Red Legion is about. Best to sleep with your sword by your side".
  • "I swear I spotted Dokkalfar in the woods, but I've been wrong before".
  • "If you see a Lorestone, touch it. You won't be sorry. They're incredible".
  • "Avoid Didenhill. The Blood Plague is spreading".
  • "The Fae are watching, can't you feel it?"
  • "Don't tell anyone, but I once caught Rikka Egest embracing one of the monks from the mission. Quite scandalous!"
  • "Herc Adwold is too generous. What have the Fae ever done for us?"
  • "I wish the village wasn't so near to Agnur Farhal. You know it's haunted, don't you?"
  • "It's reassuring to have the Warsworn so close. Shieldring Keep is just down the road to the east".
  • "I don't feel comfortable with a Fae in Gorhart. Injured, uninjured, doesn't matter. It's a bad omen".
  • "If I have to listen to that Sister Zelda for one more minute..."

Town Guard[edit | edit source]

Men[edit | edit source]
  • "I can underestand why these people are scared. Not only do they live in the shadow of the Fae, but now they have the Red Legion to deal with".
  • "Avoid the ruins of Agnur Farhal. They say the spirits of the Erathi dwell in its dark corridors. I don't go near the place".
  • "Herc Adwold has more than his fair share of challenges, what with the Red Legion and the Tuatha. I do not envy him".
  • "I don't trust those brothers of St. Odwig's. What are they hiding behind those stone walls?"
  • "Don't believe what they say. Nanne Hanri never worked at the Allestar tower. She's just trying to scare people".
  • "It's not my job to protect the Fae. How many times do I have to tell that to Herc?"
  • "That Deda Eolfred has a nice smile. She also has some of the best prices this far west".
  • "Arnick Arduna isn't like other Ljosalfar I've met. He's friendly, not like his icy brethren".
  • "I wonder if Catrin Olwy's healing touch is as soothing as everyone claims. I'd sure love it if she touched me".
Women[edit | edit source]
  • "The post in Gorhart would be an easy one if not for all the thieves and murderers".
  • "I've thought about searching for treasure in that nearby Erathi ruin, Agnur Farhal, but they say it's overrun with dark spirits".
  • "I wish I was fighting in the war. The action is in the east. No one's ever seen Tuatha this far west".
  • "Did you see the Warsworn at the inn? I wonder if he's trying to find new hirelings. Maybe I should volunteer".
  • "I don't remember the last time I slept. The Red Legion has everyone on guard. We don't ever take our eyes off the forest".
  • "Stay indoors after sundown".

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