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I spent many seasons wandering the wood of the Sidhe, acquiring the knowledge necessary to better serve the Summer Court. But does Titarion care? Never. Such groveling is beneath me. Such spectacles of royalty and procedure. I may be able to wait an eternity for an audience, but the untended garden grows wild.


Grand Faemage Gorrenet is a member of the Summer Court in the Gardens of Ysa. He can be found in the Hall of Appointments during the quest 'Oh, The Indignitaries'



After completing Oh, the Indignitaries, he can be found in The Font in his place in line.


  • Due to his seniority he believes he should be at the front of the processional during 'Oh, the Indignitaries' but due to his lame leg he cannot. He requests to bring up the rear stating that he would crawl to see the High King if he had to.
  • Grand Faemage Gorrenet is accused of an unpleasant odor by Warlord Whenery.


Why must you keep bothering me? My audience with the king could begin at any time.
Please, do go away. Your presence only diminishes my grandeur.
They make up the most powerful body in the world, especially now that the mortal races have become embroiled in conflict. A second spring is coming. Mark my words.

when asked about the Court of Summer

I remember a cycle -- a great many seasons -- when your kind did not trample the Gardens of Ysa. This city was the ideal in those times. It is forever tainted now.

when asked about the Gardens of Ysa

He is the most beautiful of us, a being of absolute perfection. It is a shame that he must grace the mortal realm in a physical form. His true brilliance is beyond you.

when asked about the High King Titarion

While doing 'Oh, the Indignitaries':

They send the ruler of the House of Ballads to serve me. What form of unnatural mortal game is this? Why are you here?
Me? Well, my seniority dictates that I should be leading this procession, but my lame leg prevents me from taking my rightful place. I should bring up the rear. I will make it to Titarion's throne, even if I have to crawl.

when asked: In what order should you enter?

Great Huntress Hartwen should go first, leading us all. She is particular like that. I would hate to anger her.

if persuaded: How do you really feel?