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The Grave Thresh is a particular thresh since it has an important role in Sir Sagrell's ballad, the Song of Sir Sagrell, as his main foe to defeat. In the ballad, the Grave Thresh was summoned by the Maid of Windemere, who wanted to send it against Wencen. However, the first Sir Sagrell proved to be quite the sly rogue and attacked the thresh in an alcove well above from ground level, where the thresh couldn't give chase.


The Fateless One encounters the Grave Thresh for the first time in Gorguath when they are undertaking the task of completing the ballad of Sir Sagrell, since the previous Sagrell died mysteriously while trying to do so. Facing the creature alongside Pledge Ficon, the Fateless One must defeat it to prove they are worthy of being chosen as the next Sir Sagrell.


Being a thresh, the Grave Thresh poses a very real challenge to someone who's careless. It will attack with the same pattern of attacks of any other thresh, which means they will be both powerful and continuous, and the creature is versatile at ranged and close combat. However, like all threshes, it's weak against fire (which will cause it to stagger). Therefore, the best strategy for this battle is to attack the thresh constantly with fire-based attacks and/or weapons with fire damage. Be careful if you decide to go into Reckoning mode, because the next battle will be against two more threshes.