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This article is about the location. For the quest, see Gravehal Keep (quest).


The keep was originally constructed over 500 years ago by the Dverga of the Obsidian Isle. The building was built on the order of Lord Gravehal and constructed by the Dvergan Master Builder Heittson. Lord Gravehal's intent was to turn Gallows End into a major slave port; he intended the keep to be his main base of operations.

According to the Journal of Master Builder Heittson, early work on the keep was extremely difficult as the forest itself kept growing over what was built the day before. Little progress was made until a large group of slaves was diverted from constructing the harbor to the keep. Unfortunately during the keep's construction, Lord Gravehal died from a fall from a scaffold, and his wife, Lady Gravehal, demanded the abandonment of the keep.

Lord Gravehal's only son, Angsar Solvard, refused to stop the project as it was what his father wanted, and continued building the keep, much to the delight of Master Builder Heittson. The keep was finished soon after, with Heittson calling it his masterpiece.  The structure surpasses any built in all of Dverga lands, if not the world.

It is unknown exactly how long the Dverga lived on the island, most likely for a few years. But they were eventually driven off, according to the journals left behind by Heittson, by some kind of army of apparitions. Despite a well-manned perimeter, this dark army quickly appeared at their gates, and Angsar Solvard quickly ordered the abandoning and destruction of the keep. Heittson couldn't bring to destroy his work, and instead, with the help of an unknown mage from the Scholia Arcana, had a spell cast to keep the main building of the keep from total destruction, which lasted for centuries. 500 years later, the keep has been infested by monsters and, according to the villagers of Cape Solace, haunted by spirits. This has not stopped a number of castaways from exploring the decrepit remains of the keep, but none have returned to Cape Solace.

This, however, did not deter Padrig Dower from wanting to take over the keep and rebuild it. The night before the Fateless One's arrival on the island, he dreamed of what Gravehal looked in its prime hundreds of years ago. With the assistance of the Fateless One, Padrig Dower set out to the keep. After fighting a few monsters, they believe at first that it has only been infested by monsters. But as the Fateless One claims the keep for him/herself, a Niskaru Horrinox appeared, giving confirmation that something unnatural was making its home there.

Afterwards, Padrig Dower begins to rebuild the keep as he saw it in his dream, with the assistance of the Fateless One collecting building materials all around the island.


North of Cape Solace on Gallows End.


After completing Gravehal Keep and Restoring Gravehal, Padrig Dower requires the help of the Fateless One to find materials to rebuild and improve the Keep.

An appropriate castaway will generally be recruited by Padrig for each building, but sometimes you have the option of recruiting people you encounter during the quests.


Gravehal Main Building[]

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  • Gravehal Keep is considered to be the most luxurious and largest house available for purchase in Amalur.