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Benwick Athelm has offered to restore paintings for me using a magical paint that can be infused with the vitality of wild beasts,what he calls "thumos." This substance will imbue the paintings with mystical properties.


This quest consists of collecting essence from monsters for 6 paintings. Each painting will provide the Fateless One with a permanent boost. The details of each painting's boost and essence requirements are provided below.

Painting: Requirement: Bonus:
Sea Cave 6 Murghan
4 Scavs
+5% Gold Looted
Mythal Keep 6 Faer Gorta
3 Murghan
+3% Ranged Damage
The Witch's Lair 6 Faer Gorta
1 Root Golem
+10% Health
+10% Mana
Gravehal Keep 4 Boggarts
6 Scavs
+3% Melee Damage
The Roots of Akara 5 Boggarts
1 Root Golem
+1 Health Regen per Sec
The Black Atoll +1 Mana Regen per Sec

Some good places to hunt the monsters are:


  • For each painting Benwick Athelm will request that the Fateless One kills a number of monsters of a certain kind. He will provide vials, which will change color after a sufficient number is killed.
  • Once all vials have changed color the Fateless One needs to return to Benwick Athelm so he can restore the painting in question. This will take one day.
  • The quest log will update when the painting is ready.


  • The vials seem awfully similar to those used in Dangerous Games. Benwick Athelm also mentions getting them from a gnome...
  • The Black Atoll collected during the 9th step of the Master of the Keep quest is also hung upstairs in the gallery and grants +1 Mana/s.


Sea Cave

1. Sea Cave

Mythal Keep

2. Mythal Keep

The Witch's Lair

3. The Witch's Lair

Gravehal Keep

4. Gravehal Keep

The Black Atoll

6. The Black Atoll


The Roots of Akara

5. The Roots of Akara