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Paddy wishes to add an impressive Tower to Gravehal Keep. Before he can, I must search the island for the Materials he needs.


This is the sixth and final of the Gravehal Keep upgrades. It adds a monumental tower to each of the buildings, and expands the main building with an additional room located above the Gallery. The room has two cabinets and a balcony with a jump point to the outside. The Gallery itself is furnished with a large table and one of the lantern-statues. Finally, Myfa Rhonwen moves in to offer her diplomatic services in the quest Diplomacy.


In order to complete this phase of reconstruction Paddy requires the following materials:

If the Fateless One does not possess enough materials several chests will be marked on the map which will contain enough materials to progress with the current phase.

The construction takes 1 in-game Day, and the quest log will update when it is almost finished. The Fateless One will then be tasked with talking to Myfa Rhonwen and convincing her to represent Gravehal in the word's political scene or Paddy may contact her directly and she will have already joined to keep.

Myfa can be found in Cape Solace. She gladly accepts the post and leaves for Gravehal Keep.


Keep On Rising
Completely restore Gravehal Keep.
Points 50 Game points
Trophy Gold


  • This quest can only begin after the quest Dark Harbor has been completed
  • Contrary to multiple descriptions and dialogues the tower does not serve as an embassy. Myfa resides in a corner in the Main Hall, while the tower is just a dirty attic filled with boxes. Possible last-minute change in design.