The lives of the Fae revolve around nature and are determined by the Great Cycle. The members of both courts don't work like the mortals but they have a function to fulfill as any other such as taking care of the Fountain or being an alchemist. However their role is not considered as a job. They just have to follow their own nature and every time they come back from Esharra, they live again nearly the same way they have lived previously.

All the Fae believe in the Great Cycle. It is through this cycle that Fae are unlike the mortal races. When a Fae dies, their essence is recycled via unknown means, and reborn again into the world. While it is unclear if they retain their memories after this cycle begins again, many Summer Fae take on the Tellings of previous incarnations such as Sir Sagrell or King Wencen.

The beliefs and way of life of the Fae relies entirely on 'The Great Cycle', and what we may refer to as the cycle of seasons. The Great Cycle is the eternal renewing of nature, and an endless flow of spirits and magic. As beings of pure magic, their 'souls' go back to Esharra, and they are reborn in a Hollow when their time is due.

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