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Gryamar is a Summer Fae that can be found at the entrance of the Gardens of Ysa. He welcomes visitors and provides advice and answers about the city.

He is also a member of the House of Ballads. By the moment you meet him, if the Fateless One has completed the questline of the House he will greet him/her as his liege.


Gardens of Ysa, in the Sidhe.


Please, come forward into the light of the Font. Don't linger there. I need to see you. Closer. Hm. Fascinating. I had heard of the telling of your ascension in the House of Ballads, but I never expected to lay eyes upon you. You are free to roam the city at your leisure, even the Trellis and the Understyle. If you seek mortal trappings, then Felltown will provide.
High King Titarion fulfills his role as our wise ruler. He gathers around him the bravest and most gifted advisors, and together they make up the Court of Summer. Like his predecessors, Titarion's goal is to maintain the Great Cycle, and to keep the balance that has sustained us for all these many seasons.

when asked about the Court of Summer.

The King rules from his throne high above on the Font, and he has done so for many seasons. You should know this since you've been sent to speak with him.

when asked about High King Titarion.

Every living creature in our world is part of a chain of death and rebirth... even the Fae. However, when we pass into the flow of our Great Cycle, we return again.

when asked about the Great Cycle.

The Gardens have been here since the first of our kind sprang forth. Only in the last few mortal years have we chosen to make it known to your people. With good reason. This is a safe place, and we intend to keep it that way. To that end, we ask mortals to adhere to the Peace Edict, which forbids weapons in the city.

when asked about the Gardens of Ysa

Most mortals in Ysa are stripped of weapons upon entering the city. However, there are a few exceptions: ambassadors and guests of the Nyralim. We do this for your own protection, of course. There is a fire in dustling blood that must be quenched by violence. I have never understood it.

when asked about the Peace Edict.

The Font is older than everything around you. It is the origin from which we flow. If you search for the heart of Summer Court magic, you will find the Font.

when asked about The Font.

Once, the Understyle was all around you, spreading from the Gardens gates to the great trunks of the Trellis; but that was before the mortals came.

when asked about The Understyle.

There is little that mortals need to know about the Trellis, for it is where the worthy await their moment before the High King. Everyone who stands before the light of the sun must prepare themselves, lest they be blinded. It is behind me, up the great winding stairs.

when asked about The Trellis.

It is a special district set aside for the young races; a haven, if you will. We encourage you to stay within its confines for your own protection. Do not worry. Felltown has the amenities that you kind need to lead a mortal life, such as merchants, smithy, and a tavern for evening exploits.

when asked about Felltown.

Goodbye, your grace.