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Gwyn Anwy is a member of the Warsworn like her mother and father before her. She was given the lone mission to guard the Warsworn Vault in Tala-Rane by the Helmgard Keep Castellan Grian Shane. She is the closest thing to being a scholar in the Warsworn, getting the penchant for learning as much about their history as possible from her mother. She is regarded as a quiet loner, and she holds a certain disdain for the current way the Warsworn are, understood by Tine Delfric and some of the other Castellans.

When the Fateless One is charged with figuring out how the Heart of Sibun was at Brigand Hall Caverns instead of the Warsworn Vault, he/she is escorted by Gwyn to the vault on the order of Grian Shane.

Upon entering, they discover Fahrlangi cult members raiding the vault for any other artifacts they can use. After defeating the Fahrlangi, she and the Fateless One discover they had a vault key. Gwyn returns ahead of him/her to inform Grian Shane of what has happened, only to be accused of assisting them the cult in getting into the vault and locked up.

She pleads to the Fateless One to go find a key maker Tefroy Tarion in Tirin's Rest. After he/she has confront Tefroy Tarion, Gwyn is released and Livia Fenan is unmasked as the one who commissioned the extra vault key.

After being released, Gwyn heads to Rathir to look up leads while the Fateless One goes to meet the person who convinced Livia to creating the duplicate key. After meeting up with him/her in Rathir, she sends the Fateless One to the customs house to follow up on Elbin's source.

After the Fateless One discovers Fahrlangi cultist in a secret cavern under the customs house, he/she learns of the person leading the cult, Anru Besin, and his next destination, the Isle of Eamonn, the former headquarters of the Firstsworn, where much of the Firstsworn knowledge and artifacts were stored during the height of the Firstsworn war on the Niskaru.

They discover after fighting through the many Fahrlangi cultist and their Niskaru minions that Anru Besin is actually attempting to free the Niskaru Lord Khamazandu, following the footsteps of the ancient mage Fahrlang who also attempted to release the Niskaru Lord during the days of the Firstsworn.

After leaving the island, they go to Tine Delfric and inform him of the situation. Fearing the revival of the Niskaru Lord, Tine orders the Fateless One first to Eagonn's Tomb and then to Ironfast Keep, near where the Hall of the Firstsworn is located.

Gwyn then informs him/her that the only way to fix the hammer is to go to the Hall of the Firstsworn, where it was originally forged. After traversing the hall, they discover the corpse of her mother lying by the door, which she reveals some personal information.

After the Fateless One passes through the door to the forge by entering Reckoning Mode, they re-forge the hammer and then meet at Cloudcrest Mountain. They are joined by Grian Shane and another Warsworn member. Fighting wave after wave of Fahrlangi cultists and their Niskaru minions until finally they come to an opening leading to the top of the mountain. Gwyn and the others decide to hold off at this point to and allow the Fateless One to defeat Anru Besin.

Should the Fateless One refuse Khazamandu's offer, Gwyn approaches him/her and requests their presence at the Hall of the Firstsworn.

She is present at the ceremony where the Fateless One is given the rank of Truesworn, and congratulates him/her.


She plays a major role in the Warsworn quest line, and is a Temporary Companion in many of the quests.

The quests she is involved in are:


While doing 'Lock and Key':

Good. You're here.
A powerful relic stolen from our vaults and they send a single Pledgeshield?? Have they gone completely mad? Who knows how many like it were in that vault and how many stolen already? Let's go in. We'll see what we find there.

upon your first encounter.

You'll see, in a moment. The outer doors are open, but that's no concern. It's the inner door that's always locked. Only Grian has that key.

when asked: What's in the Vault?

This place is mine alone to watch. Once we had 'shields enough to stand guard here day and night. Then the war came, and off to Klurikon they went. Now I come on my own once a fortnight and inspect the grounds. You can see where that got us.

when asked about herself.

In this vault lies every cursed, chaotic tool ever taken from our foes... before we became simple mercenaries. Its doors, its walls, its very floors are imbued with magic to keep these dangerous and powerful things in and everything else out.

when asked about the Ancient Vault.

They were using it to summon Niskaru in those caverns? Terrible. This is what comes of forgetting and ignoring.

when asked about the Heart of Sibun.

My Castellan deslikes dust and old things that aren't sung in a tavern, so looking after them, worrying about them, falls to me.

when asked about Grian Shane.

You're far from it now, but it hangs over everything like a putrid fog. Sverri Kura, in Mel Senshir is Amaldor and commands the Warsworn at the front.

when asked about The War.

Come. This way.

Once inside the Vault:

The inner door... that shouldn't be open.
This isn't possible! Better press on and see what's inside.
Pfft! To open it without the key would take more force than ten trolls.

when asked: That door should be closed?

Deeper within the Vault...

Mages? Are these the same ones from Brigand Hall?
You, there! Stop at once!

Gwyn's shout to the mages.

I found this in the leader's hand. It's the key to the Vault... or maybe a copy of it... can't tell for sure. No knowing how many times the've been in here, when they knew I wasn't about. We were lucky to come when we did.

once you've killed all the Fahrlangi Cultists.

It was clasped in the leader's hand. I'll show it to Grian Shane when I report to him.

when asked about The Key.

Return to Helmgard. Grian Shane won't like this, but he'll have to hear of it all the same.

when asked: What do we do now?

I must report to Grian immediately. Meet back at Helmgard, Pledgeshield.

Once reached Helmgard Keep:

Don't tell me you believe I had a hand in this! After all you've seen? This is a nightmare.

upon your encounter with her in the cells of Helmgard Keep.

I do, but I blame the Warsworn leadership so much more. After my parents - after all my warnings. What is the saying? They who ignore the past are fated to repeat it. But Grian would rather sweep this under the rug. That is why I'm here.

when asked: You blame yourself? (succeeding in persuasion attempt).

My parents were loyal Warsworn, but the Order turned its back on them. They would not help, let alone... Forgive me. I am not used to talking of such things. You will surely face more of those mages. In my strongbox - by my bed - you will find a ring of mother's. I want you to have it.

when asked: Your parents? (succeeding in persuasion attempt).

That our old enemies still lurk somewhere in the shadows? Yes. Often and always upon deaf ears.

when asked: You warned them?

I wish I knew. Today's Warsworn aren't heroes or demon-slayers, just mercenaries... soldiers. Grian Shane is a shining specimen of the modern Warsworn.

when asked: Sweep this under the rug? Why?

The key!? Gods damn it! He was in such a rush to throw me in here, I forgot. Take it, show it to Grian. If it is a copy, I know a master locksmith in Tirin's Rest who might be able to help.

when asked: You didn't show him the key?

As much magic and artistry has gone into that key as into the lock. Casting a working copy would be no simple task.

when asked about The Key.

I'll be all right. Just go solve this ... and get me out of here.

when asked about herself.

Despite their loyalty to the Order, the Warsworn could never admit that our own history was intertwined with their deaths. And now this... as if they were spitting on my parent's graves.

when asked about her parents.

Does he think this will all go away after he locks me up? That those mages and their Niskaru will vanish, just because he shuts his eyes? Ha!

when asked about Grian Shane.

Every cursed object from the times of the Firstsworn we keep in that Vault under lock, key, and... other protections. It was only a matter of time before some villain found a way in.

when asked about the Ancient Vault.

It is described in our histories. A thing of great power won by Eagonn from an evil mage. We know little else. Before you find it, we didn't even know it could be used to call forth Niskaru. We didn't know it, but someone did.

when asked about the Heart of Sibun.

First speak with the Castellan. If the key is a copy, then you must seek the master locksmith in Tirin's Rest.

when asked: Where should I take the key?

Upon your return from Tirin's Rest (while doing 'The House of No Doors'):

I knew you'd find the truth. Poor Livia, though. They certainly found the gap in her armor. Grian will let me out of here shortly. Maybe he'll even apologize.
Poor girl. The war's turned stronger heads than hers. Her punishment will be firm, but just. Likely punish herself much worse.

when asked about Livia Fenan.

A blond, smiling fool. "Brighthelm"! I might hope he'd learn something... but I know him all too well for that.

when asked about Grian Shane.

The name these mages used, it reminds me of something. Ah! Yes, that's it! Fahrlang was a foe of Eagonn long ago.

when asked about the Fahrlangi mages.

I know only his name as a foe of Eagonn, son of Eamonn. And I know the histories well.

when asked about Fahrlang.

Don't worry about me. I'll be out soon enough.


  • Her father was cursed by magical daggers and disfigured and no healer could heal him, he died at some point before the start of KoA:R. Her mother spent the rest of her time researching a way to cure him but died at the Hall of the Firstsworn by some unknown means.
  • Both Gwyn and her mother believed that the lost knowledge of the Firstsworn could have turned her father back to normal.
  • She has a certain disdain towards the current Warsworn policies, because much of the knowledge that they once possessed was either discarded, abandoned or forgotten. She also dislikes Grian Shane as he embodies the "modern warsworn" the most.
  • She can die, rendering the entire faction storyline unbeatable (Bug).