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Fancy some chat? I could use a break from the labor. What are you looking for?


Halwyn Orr is a Ljosalfar laborer working in Adessa, and living in the Hospitalis Quarters. Like many other non-gnome laborers there, he too is somewhat jaded, understandably exhausted and worn to the bone if his dialogue is anything to prove.


Halwyn can be found wandering The Walls of Adessa and residing in the Hospitalis Quarters.




Just another laborer trying to scrape a living for themselves in this damn city. Plenty of work to do.

when asked about himself

There's work to do. Always work that's needed in this damn city. Fingers feel like they're made out of scaffolding at this point.
There's enough to this city left to be built, that I wonder if it will ever be finished... but if it does, it will stand for years.

when asked about Adessa

Gnomes are strange folk. Ain't no homes in these buildings. They work where they sleep, they sleep where they work... makes no sense to me.

when asked about The Walls