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Han Tetran is a Dokkalfar merchant who can be found in the Blue Bear Tavern within the village of Emaire. He is the husband of Orcha Tetran, the local healer.

Han sells weapons, Armor, Accessories, Potions, and recipes. He also has some lockpicks.


  • Noble's Band of Growth [+60 Health | +6% Exp Bonus] - 57351 g




Please, make yourself comfortable. We don't see too many travelers in Emaire these days, not with that forest of tents growing out front. Relax, and partake of what our small hamlet has to offer.

upon your first encounter.

This is the birthplace of alchemy in the Faelands. These plains have been soaked in the deepest magic. Every leaf, every stem, every root holds secrets. If you want to know more about our history, and about the fascinating flora and fauna of the Forsaken Plain, speak to Molly upstairs. She's a sweetie.

when asked about Emaire.

Refugees, from the coast of Tywili They claim their village was burned by Tuatha, but I know better. The Tuatha, here, in the realm of the Summer Court? I think not. They began arriving several weeks ago, marching from Galafor with their belongings dragged behind them. We have given them all we can, but we only have so much.

when asked about the Refugees.

We'll be here if you need us.