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The contract board is my responsibility. That and keeping things clean and proper.


Hanrik Aulde is the Curate of Helmgard Keep, he handles the Contract Board.


Hanrik can always be found at Helmgard Keep, within Tala-Rane.



Welcome to Helmgard.
Paying business - as long as it's important, mind - you'll want to see Grian Shane, the Castellan.

upon your first encounter.

Aye. It's open to all. When you've got one done, come to me for your gold. Simple as that.

upon your question: Contract Board?

That I do. Any soul who's willing can take a contract. When it's done, just come to me. I'll se you paid.

when asked: You keep the contract board?

The Castellan'll say he's just a simple soldier, but don't you believe that humble smile. The deeds he's done rival the House of Ballads.

when asked about Grian Shane.

Aye, that's us. Warsworn will find a bed to sleep in and services in kind. Borri's our blacksmith and Breid is quartermaster. And of course, there is old Grian Shane, the Castellan. And I'm Hanrik. I look after things, keep the contract board.

when asked about Helmgard Keep.

If you've got something broken, Borri will fix it up for you.

when asked about the blacksmith, Borri Kura.

Now you go light on Breid. She's gote her hands full as it is, believe me.

when asked about the quartermaster, Breid Brurek.

Well, you're one of us, so hold your head high! I try to, just like Grian says. Makes my neck sore after a spell.

when asked about the Warsworn.

Good day.