Basic Info
Class Might
Prerequisites None
Tier 1
Levels 4 (+1)
Type Active
Snag an enemy and pull it back to you. May have the opposite effect with larger enemies. 


Harpoon is a Might-based attack where the character sends a harpoon attached to a chain out to an enemy. The Fateless One then pulls the enemy into close-range, or else gets pulled into close-range.


Harpoon has 4 levels naturally, with one more being available through ability bonuses. Note that all levels pull a distance of up to 14 meters. (Because of the range always being 14 meters it is a valid strategy to put 1 point in this skill and never upgrade it again in case you want to use it as a Utility Spell with the lowest possible Mana cost while ignoring the damage it does.)

Level Physical Damage Piercing Damage Mana cost
1 15 8 20
2 20 11 23
3 25 14 26
4 30 17 30
5 35 20 30

Pulling the Enemy vs. Being PulledEdit

Creatures that the Fateless One can pull using Harpoon:

Creatures toward which the Fateless One will be pulled when using Harpoon: