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Health, represented by the red bar in the user interface.

Health is a resource in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. When your health reaches zero, you die and must restart the game from your last save.

Health is on the user interface along with Mana and Fate Energy.

Health is gained by investing in Ability trees, a small amount from Sorcery, a medium from Finesses, and a large amount from the Might tree. This is like n* 1, n*2 and n*3 /point in the trees, respectively, where n is the number of points invested in the respective ability tree.

Some armor and weapons temporarily provide a health boost as long as you equip them. The prefixes of those armors are below:

  • Squire's: +5 Health
  • Warrior's: +10 Health
  • Soldier's: +20 Health
  • Knight's: +30 Health
  • Cavalier's: +45 Health
  • Noble's: +60 Health
  • King's: +80 Health
  • Emperor's: +100 Health

A list of bonuses provided by armor and/or weapons can be found at Armor Bonuses and Weapon Bonuses respectively.

You can also acquire or craft armors, weapons and find accessories that will regenerate health gradually if you had taken damage. Some items also let you "steal" health from your enemies and healing you as you strike them. Each hit has a chance to restore your health bar. It is noted that the more items you equip (which have the ability to steal health per hit) the more quickly your health is restored. This is quite useful if you run out of potions. Daggers seem to have high rate of stealing health because of their high speed, you can land more hits thereby increasing your chances of healing.