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"I'm your girl if you want sorcery in the next match- just let me finish this drink and I'll be right behind you."

Helga Swanwhite is a member of the Crows and a powerful mage. She was once a member of the Scholia Arcana, but believes that the more she drinks, the more potent and powerful her spells become. Other members of the Scholia Arcana looked down on her for her excessive drinking, and ultimately kicked her out for "excessive abuse of drink" and being dangerous and a degenerate. She eventually wandered into the House of Valor, and joined after she watched the Championship match between Hroth Magnus and his son.


She is found either in the arena or the inn at the House of Valor.


The House of Valor quest line.


  • According to her, the Scholia Arcana kicked her out due to her excessive drinking. Whether or not this is true isn't known, as she is always drunk when she talks to the Fateless One.
  • She really believes that the more she drinks, the more powerful her magic is; as she never fights sober in game, this cannot be ascertained.