Hellbane Inventory
Base Damage 70
Durability 46
Rarity Unique
Type Longsword
Requirements Level 10
Effects 15% Chance to Steal 15 Health per Hit
+15% Damage vs. Niskaru

Hellbane is a weapon in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


One of the legendary blades belonging to a Varani mercenary known only as Three Swords. It is weathered and rusty with age.

Damage BreakdownEdit



Hellbane can be found within the secret treasure hoard behind the fireplace of Derfel's House. It is only accessible once the quest series Derfel's Labors has been completed.


During the "second labor" for Derfel, the Fateless One is tasked with recovering the sword "Helbane" from the corpse of Three Swords, a Varani mercenary. The weapon found is a common item, with the icon of a generic iron longsword, a durability of 25, base damage of 0, and the following description:

A sturdy, well-balanced blade, meant to be wielded with one hand.


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