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The power of this enchanted helm is to reflect the hidden cruelty within its wearer's deeper nature.


  • +5% Melee Block Efficacy
  • +15% Bleeding Resistance
  • +4 Health
  • +15% Stun Duration


  • Obtained by looting the treasure sack dropped by Anru Besin.


  • This item cannot be put in stash. The quest cannot be completed if the helm isn't in your inventory, but you can put it in junk after defeating Besin by equipping it, and then switching it out with a helm or hood, this way the item is now sellable.
  • If the Fateless One choses to help the demon Khamazandu rather than the Warsworn in Khamazandu's Gift, he will need the helm to hide his face - it is supposed to show demonic signs then.