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Helmgard Keep is one of the three keeps that the Warsworn operate inside the Faelands. The Keep was established to protect the Warsworn Vault in that region. But due to the Crystal War, the vault has only one guardian who checks up on the vault every fortnight. (IT IS LOCATED IN THE TALA RANE AREA, NOT THE WOLDS. Only on technicality in loading areas. NORTH PART OF TALA RANE.)


The Keep is made of the Great Hall, where Grian Shane the Castellan greets new recruits and possible patrons with his Curate Hanrik Aulde who handles the Helmgard Contract Board. The Forge and Commissary are to the right as the player enters the keep. A blacksmith forge, can be found here along with the local blacksmith repairing used weapons and armor. The Common quarters are to the left of the entrance with a bed for a Fateless One ranked Pledgeshield or higher, and Grian's room there as well. There's also a jail directly ahead from the entrance of the keep, where thieves, bandits and other criminals are locked up.


This Keep is located at the extreme eastern end of the Wolds, on a high cliff overlooking Tala-Rane.



The following NPCs can be found in this building:


Several things of note can be found in this building:


The following services are available here:


The following items found here can be looted, if not otherwise noted, looting from them is not considered Stealing:

  • Bookshelf (Stealing) x 1
  • Chest x 1
  • Chest (Stealing) x 2
  • Locked Chest (Average, Stealing) x 1
  • Desk x 1
  • Dresser (Stealing) x 1
  • Weapon Rack (Stealing) x 2
  • There is a key specific chest in the quarters to the north of the entrance. The key is provided as a reward in the completion of the quest, The Isle of Eamonn.