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I'm Helyc Crosse. I'm leading an expedition to the lands south of Dalentarth -- the Teeth of Naros. And we could use another strong back.


Helyc Crosse is the leader who put together the small expedition to the Teeth of Naros. It took him weeks to convince the rogue Sveri Brond and the mage Cach Cranwyn. The Fateless One heard news of the expedition, and when Helyc was approched, invited him/her to join the expedition. He was formerly a member of the Warsworn, but quit because he saw a better chance of making money on his own than working for the Warsworn. After spending awhile doing mercenary work, he chanced upon a once in a lifetime chance. That once of a lifetime chance was the diary of an Almain monk of Mitharu, Denric the Crazed, the only survivor of a previous expedition into the teeth. Helyc's expedition is based on the information found in the diary, believing some of the information was just exaggerations of the inhabitants there.


Toward the end of the Southern Passage, Helyc is badly wounded by a pteryx. In the dialogue that follows, the player has the option to give him a health potion if he/she has one in his/her possession. After they are separated by a collapse of the cave's walls, the player emerges in the Teeth of Naros. If the player gave Helyc a health potion, he survives and can be found on the precipice overlooking Secandra's Camp just outside the Southern Passage after the conclusion of the DLC's main questline. After hearing the tale of the player, he decides to write an account of the player's exploits in the Teeth of Naros.


First met at his camp, Helyc's Camp in southern Ettinmere.



Even if Helyc was never hit by a pteryx, he would still be wounded and would say he was hit.