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I'm the Warden of Gorhart, and a poor one at that. I've been back from the war for only six months, and been warden for less than two.


Herc is the warden of Gorhart, and a recently returned veteran of the Crystal War. He brought his cousin Aewin Rathgar to Gorhart to help him protect the village. He lacks confidence in his position as warden, and considers himself a coward. He holds the Summer Fae in high regard, but is afraid that the hostility of some of the townsfolk might provoke a conflict.

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Gorhart has avoided disaster for now, and with people like you settling here, we're definitely on the road to brighter days.

when entering a conversation after completing Building Bridges.

Peaceful Fae make up the tribe known as the Court of Summer. They are led by a king in a faraway city, hidden from mortal eyes.

It's about all I know... little more than rumors and stories from my youth.

when asked about the Court of Summer.

Our fate rest in the hands of a chosen few who fight in the east. You wouldn't even know it in Gorhart. We're miles away from the smoke and the screams.

when asked about the Crystal War.

I've spent most of my life dealing with them, but they aren't like us... not at the core. They don't know what it means to be a man who sweats to feed his family.

Gorhart has become a sort of refuge for settlers who wish to live a life free of Fae. I don't see that lasting. Not with the War. Not with everything changing.

when asked about Fae.

We keep a precarious peace with the Court of Summer, one that's tested every day. I lie awake at night worrying what kind of disaster awaits me in the morning.

But we're a good community full of good people. We have our eccentrics, sure, but we work hard and live quietly. That's the best anyone can do these days.

when asked about Gorhart.

I'm the Warden of Gorhart, and a poor one at that.

I've been back from the war for only six months, and been warden for less than two. Now here I am with an injured Fae at my doorstep. I'm a disgrace.

when asked about himself.

I've seen many bandit clans in the Crystal War and back home, but these men are a particular breed. They like their victims weak and bloody.

The Red Legion has been a presence in the area for several weeks now. Our people are scared to show their faces after dark.

when asked about the Red Legion.

I don't know what the Tuatha would be doing this far from the front lines. It must be something vital to their interests.

They're a wicked breed, though, and I pity the man who meets up with them in these darkened forests.

when asked about the Tuatha.

Once they fought the beasts of chaos, marching to glory through many victories. Sadly, they fell, as all great men do.

Now they are nothing more than hired blades. Anyone can earn their allegiance with a few pieces of gold.

when asked about the Warsworn.

Bye now.

Hope you stay in town.

when exiting conversation.