High King Titarion
Basic Info
Race Summer Fae
Gender Male
Rank High King
Location Court of Summer

High King Titarion is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

Description[edit | edit source]

Since our kind returned to this world so long ago, it has been my honor to serve as High King of the Summer Court. My rule was always shared with the High King of the Winter Court... until Gadflow arose. Now both of our people are in peril.

Details[edit | edit source]

The High King of the Summer Court has ruled his people with the warmth and ageless vision of the ancient sun. Unlike most Fae, who look on mortals with caution, Titarion is eager to share his wisdom with the young races. Beloved by all in the Court of Summer, he sits above the politics of the court. However, with Gadflow's treachery and the breaking of the Great Cycle of the Fae, Titarion’s radiance has fallen into shadow.

Now the Summer King broods upon his throne, troubled by the changes that herald the end of his kingdom. His subjects fear for him, for the Fae have never known change or true death, and they cannot understand his warnings. For now, Titarion must wait, hoping for a way to prevent the Long Winter.

Titarion's vision while touching the Codex of Destiny[edit | edit source]

"Conceived in Chaos, birthed in stolen Magic.

Torn from Fate.

Child of two fathers.

Treacheries in treacheries.

Winter is broken.

The Puppet King upon his throne, drinking flattery and lies.

The power that grows in him is not his own.

In the East (In the East), it did begin (it did end). As it will end (As it will begin).

From behind the veil she screams.

Madness and Rage. Madness... And Rage."

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

The age of the Fae is drawing to an end. Now is your time.
We realize this may be confusing for you. Fate, like the Fae, cannot be changed. But, the Tuatha are Fae who have become something new. And you are a mortal who is free from Fate's weave. Gadflow claims that the Tuatha are the work of his new god. If the Tuatha are the creations of a god, what does that make you?

upon your first meeting.

The time of the Fae is passing. Our land and our souls are diminishing. Few Fae even realize that the Great Cycle has shifted. Gadflow's war means the death of us all, Fae and mortal, alike. It is written in the weave that we shall all pass from this world together. It is too late for us, but not for you. That is the fate which I look to you to change.

when asked: What fate do you fear?

Even with the power of a god, you have the humility of a mortal. Perhaps this gift has found the correct person. This is a time of great change. Change we once thought was impossible. We were wrong.

if chosen the response: I don't know.

You are intertwined with the power in the east. There can be no doubt of that. Your energy reaches back to Alabastra. We do not know what will happen when you travel there, but we know that the power behind Gadflow is your ultimate goal. His god holds your answer and the fate of this world.

when asked: What does it mean?

I thank you. And perhaps you can help change our world's fate, as well. I have seen those who were destined to be heroes, for whom great deeds came naturally. They come, they act, and they pass on as written. You do great things not because you must, but because you choose to. That is, by far, a far truer greatness.

if chosen the response: I'll do it

You are right. No one can force this upon you. Such is the true power of freedom. But the Tuatha and their god will continue to seek you out. And they will find you. When they do, know that while you may be unbound by fate, death can find you still. To fight it, you must assemble allies. Seek their aid to assemble your forces. Only then can you hope to resist the forces arrayed against you.

if chosen the response: You can't make me fight

The weave is a puzzle. Each person is a piece, the edges of their fate locking together with the people around them, all performing their duties to form a grand picture. However, you are no longer a puzzle piece. You are a dollop of paint - you cover and redefine the edges of the puzzle pieces you meet. But more dangerously, you repaint the picture of reality itself. Who can trust that your design is better than the original?

when asked about Fate.

It is the deepest tragedy that our fall should come from our own. Make no mistake, Gadflow is the harbinger of the end of my kind. In fighting him and his army, you will surely spell our doom. For that tragic truth, We forgive you.

when asked about Gadflow.

The Summer and Winter Courts have always ruled the Faelands in harmony, as the seasons wash across the world. But with Gadflow's new god, something changed. The Winter Fae who followed him called themselves Tuatha, and bore a mark of prismere upon them. Their power has grown, and yet they are diminished.

when asked about the Tuatha.

We are the dreams of warmth and safety, given physical form. But these dreams are endangered by Gadflow, and the long winter...

when asked about the Summer Court.

Our cold cousins across the sea... Do not think the Winter Court our enemies, for We love them as family - dismal though they may be. Oh, to walk in their star-lit gardens once again, or sip their calming stone tea. But the Tuatha have consumed them, and all of their wonders are lost.

when asked about the Winter Court.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • 'Titarion' might be a portmanteau of Oberon and Titania, the king and queen of fairies in William Shakespeare's play; "A Midsummer Night's Dream".
  • High King Titarion greatly enjoys walks in the Winter Court's crystal gardens and stone tea.

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