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I have spent my years in Dalentarth learning to imitate the ways of the Fae. If you need to improve your ways of stealth, I can help.


Horoen Karet is a fellow traveler who is roaming around Star Camp.

She is a basic stealth trainer.


The shadows precede you.
I learned all my skills from Crilgarin. The Fae are usually not forthcoming with their knowledge, but she seeks to help all.

when asked about Crilgarin, Knave of Coins.

The woods are quiet here. We're far enough away from prying eyes, at least.

when asked about Star Camp.

Teaching the art of stealth is no easy task. More than any other learning, it requires patience, for if you fail to learn... the effects can be disastrous.

when asked about Stealth Training.

Once the stuff of legends and ballads. When walls and nations crumble, they'll still be singing of us.

when asked about the Travelers.

Let your steps fall silently.


  • She hangs around in front of the hierophant shrine. She either walks the path in front of it or she sleeps on her bed roll straight across the path under the tent or she leans up against the trailer across shrine.
  • If she is killed, won't revive.