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The House of Pride stones are located throughout Alabastra. Their icon depicts a pile of skulls. "Anagnorisis," the set reward's name, indicates the place in Aristotelian theater when the protagonist realizes the true nature of their relationship with the antagonist. Even though the last two stanzas are listed in quotation marks, there does not seem to be any change in voice.

The House of Pride[]


With horrors, screams, and ghostly face
We leave blood in a graven place.
The forest black and nighttime sky
The blood that pours forth from your eye
A feast for maggots, craven all,
That eat the dying when they fall,
Instead of vibrant, fighting flesh
That fights the Barghest and the Thresh,
That knows the plight of Seelie Fae,
You, who walked the Nyralim's way,
And reckon fates of mortal dust,
And keep an oath, or break a trust,
We hunger for your corpse once more,
To hear your cries and anguished roar.

The Feast[]

The skulls atop High Fulgen shine,
and coldly gleam, in a precise line,
For us who chew on hollowed bones,
While alive. We wail vapid moans.
It's delight for us to feed, to feast
We the Winter of the East,
We the corpses in putrid bloom,
We of decay and twilight gloom
Will never halt our hungered wait,
'Till spilled blood is on our plate
So come into our lands at night,
And see an endless wintry sight.

A Careless Passage[]

The anger festers in the heart
And perfectly you play the part
Of Hero to the Summer's West,
Bringing Tuatha to their rest.
Why do you try so hard in vain?
Why bring the others senseless pain?
Don't you see, mortal, don't you see?
The body impaled on the tree?
Will you not witness their loss,
And feed upon the offal dross?
Or walk again past corpses new,
Without care for the rotting few?


"Oh gloried stranger in our land,
Bringing death with the Fate's own hand,
Filling the graves with corpses new,
That feed the vultures; mortals too.
Yes, they'll eat the flesh of the dead,
And tear the limbs off and the head.
They only need the slightest lie
To give them reason as to why
Their minds should be free from all guilt,
And that is how your morals wilt.
Continue, stranger, in our home,
Where demons tread, and evils roam,
For you are now a part of woe,
Blight, dusk, ruin, and living foe."


"If you are here, then you are sold
To the putrid lands of the old,
Your lost body will burn,
to crumbled ash will your bones turn,
There is no hope left for your life;
Wielding hammer, sword, or knife
Will not save you. You are the waste
Of a contempt's malicious taste,
And what awaits your untuned mind,
is what you hope you'll never find,
The vilest, darkest, blackest thing,
The conscience of a reigning king."

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