House of Valor
Current Leader Tyr Magnus
Notable Members Jakin Madsen, Jokull Fangard
Locations Detyre

House of Valor is a faction in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. The 7 quests of the House of Valor faction were originally part of a free promotion for those who purchased a new copy of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. However they are now free for download from PSN and the Xbox Live Marketplace for all purchases of the game.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Once, the magical Fae held their greatest tournaments and duels in the House of Valor. On the sun-baked stone of their desert coliseum, immortal warriors proved themselves in combat, without fear of death or dishonor. The greatest among them ruled the house as the Champion, the embodiment of Fae might and honor. But all that changed when the younger races came to the Faelands.

When a Varani named Hroth Magnus sought entry to their Tournament of Champions, the Fae were amused. Their amusement was soon replaced by horror as he carved a bloody path through his opponents. As Hroth throttled the life from the final competitor, the Fae despaired at what would become of the House of Valor with such a brutal man as their new Champion. It was the first fall of a Fae house, and a grim omen of what fate held for the future of mortal and Fae alike.

Today, the Fae have long left the House of Valor, but mortals of all races come to fight in the gladiatorial matches. On the bloodstained stone of the arena floor, desperate warriors fight for riches and glory. Few among the teeming crowds know or care of the Fae who once called it home, and fewer still can imagine an end to the reign of the undefeated Champion, Tyr Magnus, son of Hroth. But all that may change once again when a new competitor comes to the House of Valor.

Buildings and Facilities[edit | edit source]

The House of Valor consists of a market area, the Arena, the Gambling Den and the Champion's Manor. Additionally there is a challenge board, similar to the quest boards in Warsworn keeps.

At the marketplace you can buy and sell items, have your items repaired and unbind gems. Inside the Gambling Den a fateweaver named Franz Englehart can be found, and Jokkul early on the quest line. The Arena is where the quest battles and Contract fights take place. The Champion's Manor is where the Champion of the House of Valor lives.

Champion's Manor[edit | edit source]

After completing the House of Valor main questline, the player gets access to the Champion's Manor. Here you can stash items and change your appearance, like in any other house the player can buy.

Gambling Den[edit | edit source]

You also get ownership of the Gambling Den, and after talking to Jokkul about managing the Gambling Den, you can get a daily income from Jokkul.

Challenge Board[edit | edit source]

The challenge board provides 18 challenges for the Fateless One to complete. Those involve fighting all manner of monsters in the arena, sometimes with added handicaps or a time limit. The reward for each is a level-dependent sum of gold, plus unique items in some cases.

Location[edit | edit source]

The House of Valor is located in Alserund, Detyre, at the far right side, close to the Circle of Engard.

Quests[edit | edit source]

  1. Earning Valor
  2. Magic Men
  3. Simply Mercenary
  4. A Valorous Proposition
  5. A Viper For All Seasons
  6. Meeting with Magnus
  7. Championship Match

Notable Equipment[edit | edit source]

During the House of Valor questline the Fateless One is given several items. Those are listed below.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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