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"The House of Vengeance" is a Lorestone poem found throughout Amaura. Its icon features a nondescript obelisk or possibly sword.

The House of Vengeance[]


You foolish mortals listen well
To advice in this tale,
Of atrocities that we will tell,
Horror awaits the fools who fell,
And languish behind Arcane Veil.

Children of Ohn[]

Of Ohn they sung, but now a God
Proclaimed in chanting song,
They worship on their earthen sod
And bow their heads and pray and nod,
Another name to bear their wrong.

War Returns[]

The flames of warlike engines roar
And quake through heaven's path
In Gadflow's name they battle more
And then, despite the peace of yore
Will murder neighbors in their wrath.

An Abandoning[]

They left you helpless and without hope
Among the barren plains,
Or searching for food on mountain slope,
And finding only gallows rope,
And then you thanked them for your pains.

Of Two Seasons[]

So these two sides are yours to choose
And the evils they put out.
One to kill you without a ruse;
One you're merely tools for their use,
Either way, a foolhardy seat.

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