612–1139 AE (3888–4415 NW)

History[edit | edit source]

With order restored to the world during the Age of Enlightenment, the influence of the Kollossae continued to dominate Amalur. When a race of marauders called the Tyrgash began a campaign of attacks against outposts of the republic, the leader of the Kollossae declared that its citizens could only be protected by taking a stronger position in world affairs. Thus the Empire of Hyperia was born.

In addition to their holding in Concordia, the Kollossae claimed control of regions in Adelia (an area they called Phoebas) and Fortenmar (which they dubbed Atlasus). The building of regional capitals in these areas solidified the expanding control of the Hyperians.

After reaching an apex of power, the Empire of Hyperia fell into decline thanks to a series of weak and greedy emperors. Rivals of the Kollossae began to play upon the cracks forming in the empire, waiting for their opportunity to strike. The attack that would ultimately trigger the empire's collapse caused the surviving Kollossae to retreat to Idylla, leaving a vacuum of power that would soon be filled by a new alliance in the world.

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