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Arcane Weaponry I with staff containing an Ice effect.

Ice Damage is one of the three elemental effects in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, along with Fire and Lightning. It is one branch of sorcery, and, using sagecrafting, can be added as an effect to weapons.

Related Abilities[]

Abilities that deal purely Ice Damage are:

Freezing Damage[]

Freezing Damage is a damage-over-time effect that is often applied alongside Ice Damage. Freezing damage has a slowing effect on its victims, reducing the speed of the target by 30%, whether that be the Fateless One or their enemies. This is especially useful when the status effect is inflicted on groups of enemies, slowing down their movements to reduce the frequency of attacks and their mobility making it very difficult to keep up with the player's assault. The slowing effect of freezing damage can be increased (up to 150%) with the Frostshackle Sorcery ability.