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An account of Idylla's ascent.


An Account of Idylla Rising

From the Journal of Kleitos, historian.

I am writing from Idylla's heart. The "Concourse," the masons call it. The wind blows bizarrely today, hammering downward on us, snuffing out nearly all of the braziers sitting in the open air, and I must press my parchment against a tablet to write comfortably. Moods are high, and all I meet today greet me with great zeal, for they know that this gale is not a natural occurrence. Arkes, our revered Primos, and his protégé, Anokatos, have cast the spell that propels our grand city ever higher into the heavens. I am among the few citizens who chose to stay in our homes to experience the rising as it occurs. After many years of braving the dangers of the Teeth of Naros beneath us, our mission is nearing its end.'

We continue to ascend, and as the Teeth below grow ever more diminutive, I see the sparks of a new spell that the Primos is casting, which light the maw of the caldera in brilliant gleams. As grand as Idylla has become, the Hyperian shall be tremendous in comparison. And it rises next.